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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Helping the "Helper" - the Vipperman Family

I first met LeAnn over 11 years ago through a parenting group, similar to GSOFamilies, but before GSOFamilies existed. She always impressed me with her calm approach to parenting, her overwhelming love for her children, and the strength of her marriage. I can think of countless times when LeAnn has offered to help mutual friends with anything from health, education, children, parenting, food, anything that was needed - LeAnn was offering assistance. She's one of those people who doesn't do well asking for help for herself or her own family, and when I reached out to her this week, I saw that she really does need help. It's hard to ask for help when you're always the one helping. I want to help LeAnn, I want to help her family, and I want to be part of a community that stands by our members when they are in need.

LeAnn and Josh Vipperman
LeAnn's husband Josh was injured and is receiving a fraction of his paycheck. LeAnn has a successful doTerra home business but that does not make up for the lost wages from her husband due to his reduced work schedule with his injury, nor does it help balance out the additional expenses of medical care, chiropractic care, gas to and from doctor appointments all over the Triad, or the driving back and forth from doctor to work to doctor to home. They are working with a reduction of about 1/2 of Josh's normal paycheck right now, and as any of us can imagine, that is incredibly difficult adjustment.

Josh will be missing work repeatedly and indefinitely.  The medical bills will keep adding up, even with insurance. Some of the medical expenses won't be covered by insurance at all. I am hopeful that this fundraising page for the Vipperman family will help relieve some of the financial stress. Every little bit collected will help offset their expenses and lessen the burden they are now carrying.

Personally, I am sharing this story and asking anyone who is able, to please keep LeAnn, Josh, and all of their children in your thoughts. They need all the positivity and people pulling for them as possible. Life is precious, and I can't imagine the turmoil they are going through as they adjust to a new situation with a husband and father who is not able to provide as he was able to, wants to be able to, and should be able to. Feel free to share this story with your friends and family, there's power in numbers!

If anyone is inclined to make a financial contribution, it would be greatly appreciated and humbly accepted.

ALL money raised will go directly to the Vipperman family. There is a small fee for processing payments through PayPal.

LeAnn also said gas gift cards and grocery gift cards would be a help to her family, as she is trying to care for her children, her husband, and herself. You can donate via PayPal (and use credit, debit, or bank account) to gsofamilies@gmail.com or click on the button below. You may also mail donations and/or gift cards to:

LeAnn Vipperman
c/o GSOFamilies
PO Box 38941
Greensboro, NC 27438


Perhaps your children could create a cheerful picture to mail to the family as well?
The Vipperman kids

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading, and thank you for sharing. 

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