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Welcome to GSOFamilies - the all-inclusive resource for families in the Greensboro, NC area. Any information shared on our website, twitter page, Facebook page, or Facebook group may also be included on our website! Please see a full listing of our social media and community groups here: http://www.gsofamilies.com/p/gsofamilies-social-media-and-community.html
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GSOFamilies strongly supports local businesses. We realize that our growth as a website and group has made us very valuable to local businesses looking to promote their brand to families living in the Greensboro, NC area.

  • Becky Lange, a local Greensboro mom who recognized the need for a comprehensive compilation of family-recommended activities and businesses, founded GSOFamilies in May 2012.
  • GSOFamilies is the all-inclusive resource for families in the Greensboro, NC area. As a one-stop website for locals, GSOFamilies provides information on family-friendly activities, and member-recommended businesses. With a focus on supporting local businesses, GSOFamilies provides our Best of Greensboro directory of recommendations by local families, for local families. 
    • Through our Meetup group and social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest, GSOFamilies has grown into a supportive community of local families. 
    • Group events and discussions are frequent and supportive. GSOFamilies truly is an all-inclusive resource for Greensboro families. 
  • What GSOFamilies can provide:
    • Sponsored posts
    • Product reviews
    • Ad placement
    • Affiliate links
    • Event promotion
    • Social media promotion
    • Giveaways
    • Freelance articles
  • Benefits:
    • Professional representation of product and/or brand 
    • Direct connection to a targeted audience: local families in Greensboro, NC area
    • Multiple platforms

GSOFamilies offers the following limited options for local businesses to advertise to the GSOFamilies community:

Website Featured Business
We have two right-column Featured Business spots on our website. The location is set off by the heading "Featured Business." These graphics may be max 300x300 and will click directly through to the advertiser's website.
  • Featured Business Space One (the upper right-column spot) = $40/month
  • Featured Business Space Two (the lower right-column spot) = $30/month
Additionally, we have a third Featured Business spot in the main column of the website, below the post. Graphic must be max 390x200 and will click directly through to the advertiser's website.
  • Featured Business Space Three (below post in main column) = $35/month

Social Media Featured Business of the Week
Each week, we are able to feature one local businesses as our Business of the Week. This business will receive three status updates on the GSOFamilies Facebook page, with a link back to the business' Facebook page, throughout the week (Sunday-Saturday), plus one post in the GSOFamilies Facebook Discussion Group. Suggested content: one post will have an overview of the business, one post may have a special/sale/offer with a graphic if desired, and one post may have an interactive question relating to the business. Advertiser will provide the content for posts. 
  • Social Media Featured Business = $30/week
Utilizing Facebook's Sponsored Posts and/or Offers is available as well; pricing to be determined upon request.
*As of 2/1/17 we have 2,400+ Facebook fans with an average Facebook total reach and post reach of approximately 3000. Our Facebook Discussion Group has 2,950 members as of 2/1/17. All Facebook posts feed to the GSOFamilies twitter account which has 850 followers as of 2/1/17. All of our groups and accounts grow regularly.

Blog Posts and Giveaways
Feature your business in a GSOFamilies blog post. One post (max 450 words) will be dedicated to your business, providing an overview and information on a topic of choice, including but not limited to an offer, giveaway, or event.  I write all copy for blog posts and will not be endorsing your product/service, but encouraging readers to look into it and take advantage of any specials offered.
  • Blog Post  = $75
  • Blog Post with giveaway = $100

Meetup Sponsor
The GSOFamilies Meetup group sponsor will be able to provide a name, offer, and brief overview of the business, as well as website link, phone number and address, and a logo (120x90). Sponsor information will be emailed to all current Meetup group members, and sponsor information will remain active on the group for one month.
  • Meetup Group Sponsor = $20/month
*As of February 1, 2017, we have 370 Meetup group members and the group is growing regularly.

Prices subject to change. I am available for ad layout at a nominal fee - I am not a graphic designer, but if you supply the base graphics I can do the rest. I write all copy for blog posts, and will not be endorsing your product/service, but rather encouraging readers to look into it and take advantage of any specials offered.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me - gsofamilies@gmail.com or 336-202-3316.

Becky Lange

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