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Best of Greensboro - Childcare and Preschool

Babysitting Services

Please join our group to connect local babysitters with families, and families with local babysitters! https://www.facebook.com/groups/GSOFamiliesBabysitting/

  • “care.com is a great site to use” –Sarah Thaxton
  • "Care.com and SitterCity.com. Have had great luck with both sites." -Carly H.  
  • "Care.com; I've gotten work before I had kids there, and hired from there recently" -Laura E.  
  • "Care.com" -Courtney W.  
  • "Care.com" -Rhiannon H. 

Nanny Scouts
  • "Nanny Scouts is a great service because they can make sure you have a baby sitter reserved for a month or can make one available within 24 hours." -Chris B.

Preferred Childcare
  • “Preferred childcare” –Jenilyn S.
  • “Preferred childcare is awesome and trustworthy” –Kendra S.
  • “Preferred Childcare" -April D. 
  • "Preferred Childcare, Inc. - hands down! Locally owned and operated, updated background checks on ALL sitters, they are trained and certified. Check all those others, and you'll see they don't meet those standards. We have used over 15 of their sitters and have ALWAYS been happy!" - Susan A. 
  • "Preferred Childcare" - Rhiannon H.

Drop in Childcare

Bizi Kids
  • “Great place and the owner is very kind and great with kids! She's always running specials on her FB page.” –Meghan S.
  • “My kids had a great time! Will definitely use them again.” –Luna Y.
  • "Bizi Kidz is great - my kids love going there!" - April S. 
  • "Bizi Kidz for drop in" - April D. 

Drop N Play
  • “We have used them for 2 years. The playground is completely fenced in. They only thing not fenced in is the zip line in which an adult is always right there. They are a wonderful and great place for older kids (k-8th).” –April D.

Stay and Play
  • “Stay and Play Hourly Drop In Childcare off west friendly is great too!” –Mariel C.

Daycares and Preschools

Adams Farm Community Church Preschool
  • "I love my sons’ preschool, Adams Farm Community Church Preschool. They do have a mother’s morning out but I think it's just for siblings of preschoolers. We didn’t start until 18 months so I'm not sure what their youngest age is.  They are one of the few schools I have found with a legitimate curriculum for the younger ages" - Leslie W.

Apple Tree Academy
  • "Our daughter has attended Apple Tree Academy since she was 8 weeks old. We have loved her teachers and the way the interact with the children since day one. All the kids know all the teachers and directors, which ease transition and make the kids more comfortable socially. And their curriculum really incorporates academics with play. The teachers and administrators are open to personal differences and will work with whatever parenting choices you make (i.e. special diet, types of diapering). They also observe each child's learning style and are very willing to give a child extra attention or encourage the child in whatever area he/she is interested in. I also love that my daughter can take extracurricular classes there (they offer music, dance, sports class, Tumblebus, and Spanish) for a small fee, and during the work day." - Regina A.

Arts and Basics for Children
  • "Arts and Basics for Children" - Kendra S. 
  • "Arts and Basics!" - Cathleen B. 
  • "Arts and Basics for Children" - Susan A. 
  • "we're putting our son in Arts and Basics for Children in the fall...super excited...loooove their curriculum and their director, Jaime Leathead Bunnell, is an amazing person. I know our son will be well cared for and challenged." - Stacey L.

Centenary Weekday School
  • “We have loved Centenary Weekday School on Friendly across the street from wesley long. Been there 3 years and love the teachers!” –Jessica S.

Christ United Methodist Church
  • "Childhood Enrichment Center (CEC) at Christ United Methodist Church on Holden Rd was the BEST. Still miss it!" - Cristi D.
  • “My son goes to Christ's Little Acorns at Christ UMC, and we love them. It's over by High Point University.” –Shawn L.
  • "My son will be starting at Christ Methodist in September. He'll be 14 months when he starts, but I think they go as young as 6 months. It's from 9-1, and you can choose how many days you want each week." - Lindsay G.

Cornerstone Baptist Wee School
  • "Cornerstone Baptist Wee School is awesome!" - Kady N.

Covenant Kids
  • “Covenant kids on skeet club has been great for us.” –Heather H.

Early Childhood Center
  • "I can whole-heartedly and highly recommend Early Childhood Center on Friendly Ave. We're on our second child attending. They have a very stable staff compared to other centers I've seen. Many of the teachers that had my 12 year old are still there 10 years later! My 2 year old has really thrived there. ECC is a 5 star center. The facilities are bright, airy, clean, and well maintained. The kids take field trips and are able to take walks downtown. They also offer extra-curriculars like Spanish, computer skills, kinder music, etc." - Vada D.
  • “We liked Early Childhood Center and First Baptist.” –Ann A.

First Baptist
  • "Love First Baptist" - Nicole B.
  • "We Love First Baptist Weekday School on Friendly + Mendenhall!" - Rhiannon M.
  • “We liked Early Childhood Center and First Baptist.” –Ann A.

First Lutheran
  • "First Lutheran School for Young Children" - Akemi F.
  • "First Lutheran School for Young Children!" - Amy S.
  • “First Lutheran school for young children...must visit-it was a true blessing for our children" - Gwendolyn D.
  • "First Lutheran School for Young Children! I only cried sad tears the first day, because after that I learned how truly amazing and loving and caring my son’s teachers really were. I cried once during the teacher conference because I really understood how much they cared about my 4 year old and how much he was learning there. They “got him” and challenged him and made him better and that is the greatest hope you can have when you turn your little person over to a school and a classroom full of other little children." - Bobbijean S.
  • “We loved First Lutheran School For Young Children. I highly recommend them.” –Jody G.

First Presbyterian
  • "I had one at First Presbyterian and one at Starmount Presbyterian and BOTH were excellent!!!" - Ashlee F.
  • "Can't say enough about our experience at First Presbyterian Weekday Preschool. My daughter was there for 3 years (she's off to Kindergarten next year). They may have a waiting list, but they are the only one in Greensboro (I believe) that is NAEYC accredited." - Denise J.

Greensboro Montessori School
  • "The Greensboro Montessori School!! A great place for your child to fall in love with learning. I have 3 children there and we love it!" - Jessica S.

Greensboro New School
  • "Our three year old attends, “Greensboro New School,” and LOVES it–he is so bummed when it is time to go home with mom! The school curriculum is a mix of Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia education philosophies. The teachers are kind, caring and firm with their guidance. I like that students of all ages spend the day together" - Daniella S.

  • "Hester's!" - Cathleen B.  
  • "We go to Hester's and love it" - Emily M. 
  • "Another vote for Hesters. We have been very happy with them." - Kim J.

High Point Christian Academy Preschool
  • “My 3yr old loves High Point Christian! 18 mo too pre-K. Small class sizes and they really focus on each child! We love it!” –Lauren M.

Jamestown Presbyterian
  • "Jamestown Presbyterian" - Mary N. 

Jamestown United Methodist Preschool
  • “I don't know if this is close enough, but we have been very pleased with Jamestown United Methodist Preschool.” –Sara L.

  • “Try kindernoggin!” –Anum H.

Lawndale Baptist
  • “Lawndale Baptist" - Melissa E. 
  • "Lawndale baptist mother's morning out is great!" - Heather 

Mt. Pisgah Weekday School
  • "We use Mt. Pisgah weekday school. One of the reasons we chose them was the many recommendations I got from moms I met at the park, pool, friends of friends.....it's awesome. The hours are 9-1, and depending on age, you can choose 2,3, or 4 day options. We will be in the four year old this year. http://mpws.org/" - Brandi D.
  • "Another vote for Mt pisgah when he's older." - Megan M.

Muirs Chapel Christian Preschool
  • “We love Muirs Chapel Christian playschool. My 2 older ones went there and getting ready to enroll My third there. Call and talk to Kim, she'll answer any questions you have.” –Grace P.
  • “My son goes to Muirs Chapel on Muirs Chapel Road. He's been going for the past couple of weeks and he's loving it! He is actually behind on his speech for a 2 year old and that has helped. Plus it's cheaper than speech therapy. smile emoticon” –Cassie D.

Our Children’s Community School
  • "Our Children's Community School!" - Wendy F. 
Our Children's House
  • "Our Children's House. We had a great experience with Our Children's House. It's a small school, co-op without having to put in hours every week, and a play based curriculum. Very loving and caring atmosphere!" - Ashley J.

Peppermint Academy
  • "The Peppermint Academy!" - Alison B.

Piedmont Global Preschool
  • "Piedmont Global Preschool is my recommendation. They are new and located on W Market across the street from Safari Nation. The director is so involved. The teachers are there for the right reasons. They truly take the time to understand the individual kids and go out of their way for each child." - Tori M.

Primrose Academy
  • "We think Primrose is the best. Amazing teachers, advanced curriculum, and the most creative activities. Kids get personalized attention and assessment, and the staff is very caring. There's one at New Irving Park on N. Elm St (where our DD goes) and one at Brassfield." - Regina A.

Saint Francis Day School
  • “St. Francis Day School on Lawndale! Fantastic!” –Emily B.
  • “My children had a great experience at St. Francis Day School on Lawndale. Caring and supportive teachers and directors.” –Christin M.

Sedgefield Presbyterian
  • "Sedgefield Presbyterian" - Mary N.

  • “Sprouts” –Lori P.

Starmount Preschool
  • "Starmount Preschool is half-day and takes children starting at 6 months. You can choose anything from 1 to 5 day options - you can pick the day!" - Kathryn C.
  • “I had one at First Presbyterian and one at Starmount Presbyterian and BOTH were excellent!!!" - Ashlee F.

Village Kids
  • "Village kids off of sandy ridge is GREAT!!" - Nikki P.
  • "My son went to Village Kids a couple years ago. They recently changed management but all our friends from there have stayed so it must still be good!" - Caroline B.

Wesleyan Academy Preschool
  • “Wesleyan and Kids R Kids... My kids started off at Kids R Kids and then when my youngest was 2 we moved them to Wesleyan.... VERY pleased with both.” –Melissa P.
  • “Both of my girls went to Wesleyan. One is in the preK program this year. They're wonderful! They're at the intersection of Centennial and Eastchester. Right across from the old mall.” –Kelli F.
  • “I have been happy with Wesleyan.” –Elise B.

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  1. Spanish Splash is an awesome and unique preschool program where children of multiple ages and abilities are immersed in the Spanish language through everyday classroom activities. Both my 2 year old son and 4 year old daughter attend, and both, especially my daughter, have shown tremendous understanding of the Spanish language, and Spanish speaking strangers are often shocked when my 4 year old African American daughter asks them questions and can hold basic conversation with them in their own language. Most other developed countries have standardized the requirement of students to learn at least one foreign language, and here in the US, those who are bilingual in Spanish and English certainly have an advantage in being able to communicate cross-culturally and have unique (and well paying) job opportunities. I know I am giving my children a great advantage in having them immersed in the Spanish language as much as is possible during their most formative years. Right now this is only a half-day program, but full-day Summer camp options are available and next school year I believe they will begin a full-day program. To contact the director of the preschool, Keisha Campbell go to spanishsplash.com, look them up on facebook, e-mail her at info@playtimegso.com, or call (336) 423-6106. They are located at the College Hill co-op child development center on Spring Garden St. I promise you that your kids will love it and you will love knowing that your children are enjoying a unique and beneficial learning experience!


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