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Best of Greensboro - Kid Activities


Airbound Trampoline Park
  • “Airbound. ..indoor trampoline park.” –Tori M.
  • “Air bound” –Jamie B.
  • “what about the trampoline parks .... my kids love it” –Julie 
Art Quest
  • "Free Admission Family Night at ArtQuest at Green Hill Center on Wednesdays from 5-7pm!" - Cathleen B.
Backyard Paradise
  • "Open Play at Backyard Paradise on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am - 1pm" -Cathleen B.  (editor’s note: no free open play this summer)
  • “Backyard Paradise” –Brooke P.
  • “We love backyard paradise! It's $4 when school is in, and $6 when school is out!” –Brittany M.
  • “Super cool wooden play sets and trampolines plus other sports stuff indoors in a warehouse setup for kids to come play on. Way fun and free when GSO schools are in session!” –Heather C.
Bumper Jumpers
  • “Bumper Jumpers High Point rd. Reasonable rates and kids leave exhausted...they have rooms for parties and pizza etc!!” –Brenda D.
  • “bumper jumpers is great my girls go a lot and love it and they're 4 & 2.” –Ariel F.
  • “There is the indoor playground called Bumper-Jumpers. It is a 14000 square foot facility with big baller wipe-out game, air filled dinosaurs and an alligator bounce house. There are 50% off coupons on the groupon app.” –Diane B.
BurMil Park (FREE)
  • "The wildlife center at BurMil, walk a trail there, look at the lake.....these are all free" - Brandi D. 
Celebration Station
  • "Celebration Station" - Maggie B.
  • “had a great party at celebrations station & did putt putt there” –Vonda W.
  • “My husband and I went to celebration station for our 10th anniversary and acted like teenagers for a night. (Mini golf, batting cages, arcade) We had a blast!” –Caroline S.
  • “One funny thing we did outdoors that everybody thought it was going to be cheesy but everybody ended up loving was Celebration Station! They do corporate events! We booked both putt putt golf trails and made teams and it was fun! For the groups that finished early they could go race on the cars and that was cool too.” –Eduarda Y.
  • “My husband took our 3yo to Celebration station just to ride the go karts & they loved it!!” –Rachel M.
Chuck E Cheese

  • “Chuck e cheese” –Vonda W.

Four Season Mall (FREE)
  • "My boys love the mall...the play area, riding the escalators and elevators, the a ride by the play area." - Katharine W.
  • "We just went to the mall and she played aw video games and then got Starbucks (she likes the cake pops!)" - Jennifer C.
Greensboro Children’s Museum
  • "The Greensboro Children's Museum! They have an edible garden and they have lots of fun inspiring classes. Kids can explore and learn, everything is hands on." - Holly V.
  • “Hey gal! Natural Science Center or Children's Museum are both great. The Science Center even hosts birthday parties. The Museum is great because you can let them run around while you sit and rest.” –Jennifer S.
  • “The children's museum is pretty cool and has something for various ages” –Diane B.
  • “my daughter likes the childrens museum the best “ –Savannah M.
  • “Childrens museum for us! It's indoor/outside and my bub loves it” –Anum H.
Greensboro Science Center (formerly the Natural Science Center of Greensboro)
  • "We love going to the Natural Science Center - it is great for all of our kids (ages 1-8) and the petting zoo is fun!" - Stacie S.
  • "The Greensboro Natural Science Center" - Mary N.
  • "Natural Science Center! We have a membership so we go whenever we want. The inside play area is great for rainy days, and the zoo for nice days." - Regina A.
  • “Hey gal! Natural Science Center or Children's Museum are both great. The Science Center even hosts birthday parties. The Museum is great because you can let them run around while you sit and rest.” –Jennifer S.
  • “Science Center!” –Shelly M.
  • “Science center since a couple of my kids are too old to enjoy the childrens museum much anymore” –Dusti P.
  • “Def science center. We've worked it out and with the 1/2 off discounts at the zoo and aquariums we only had to go to the science center twice and and the zoo once for it to pay for itself. Great deal!” –Brittany M.
  • “Science center since it has a little of everything, the play area and the outdoor mini zoo. plus for us its not a 40 minute drive so easier to get to and we don't have to make a while day of it like the zoo.” –Jennifer H.
  • “Science center because so many amazing new things are coming to it! SkyWild as well as SciPlay bay.  The new Sci Play Bay at the @greensboro science center will make you cry it's so magical!” –Stacey L.
Jump N Fun
  • “I personally like Jump n Fun. It's not as flashy as monkey joes or Safari Nation, but you get the entire place to yourself. Every party I've been to at Safari nation has been SO crowded and not enjoyable” –Emily B.
  • “I second Jump n Fun. We went to a party there and it was great to have the place to ourselves.” –Dawn D.
  • “Jump n Fun, absolutely. There is also a place off 68 that you can get private jump time and they have a black out option for older groups.” –Kelley J.
  • “Jump n fun is awesome.” –Mary C.
  • “We love Jump n Fun! It's been a few years since we've been there but the parties, owners and employees were awesome!” Crystal W.
Kathleen Clay Library (FREE)
  • "Kathleen Clay library. Walk around country park, maybe take her bike there. The wildlife center at BurMil, walk a trail there, look at the lake.....these are all free" - Brandi D. 
  • "Another vote for the library! I think she is old enough for her own card if she doesn't have one already. My two have always loved checking out books at the library. The Kathryn Clay library is very nice and has yard space around it for reading outside" - Elizabeth L.
Monkey Joe’s Bounce House
  • "Monkey Joe's" - Maggie B.
  • "I prefer Monkey Joes over them all. My kids get sick every time we have ever went to Safari nation. That ball pit thing is horrible.” –Jennifer F.
  • “Monkey Joes! We went a couple weeks ago and there were only 2 other people there. My little guy had the place to himself. Of-course that was on a Thursday, but still great!” –Melanie D.
  • “Monkey Joes or Bumper Jumpers” –Brenda D.
  • “Monkey joes” –Kayla R.
  • “Monkey Joes is always a good bet for us.” –Dawn H.
  • “We just got back from a party at Monkey Joe's today and it was awesome. We had my daughter's 2nd birthday party at Safari Nation off Market st and they were super awesome” –Crystal B.
Safari Nation Indoor Playground
  • "Go to Safari Nation!" - Jenilyn S.
  • “I prefer safari nation over it and it is 5$ on living social and groupon.” –Mariel C.
  • “I would go to Safari Nation over Bumper Jumpers any day. Even Monkey Joe's is preferable. Yes, I know you cannot go on the inflatables at MJ's, but the workers are pleasant and even interacted positively with the kids. We chuckled a bit while they played hide-and-seek with them during a slow afternoon. All went well. My daughter's first-grade teacher's son manages Safari Nation, and he is a nice guy. Good people there.” –Kendra S.
  • “We just got back from a party at Monkey Joe's today and it was awesome. We had my daughter's 2nd birthday party at Safari Nation off Market st and they were super awesome” –Crystal B.

  • “We did Skateland for our 9 year old in April. She loved it! Pretty reasonable prices too!” –Natalie T.

Spraygrounds (FREE)
  • "Keeley Park and Barber Park Spraygrounds are FREE!" - Alex C.
Wet n Wild Emerald Point
  • "Wet n Wild Emerald Point" - Maggie B.
  • “Have you looked into emerald Pointe? You could get a season,pass. Kids 2 and under are free. They have a few kiddie pool areas” –Crystal F.
Destination Reviews
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Classes and Lessons

  • Greensboro Children’s Museum
    • "Cooking Classes at the Edible Schoolyard/Greensboro Children's Museum - We recently took the blueberry muffin class. It was a lot of fun. I would say it is best for kids age 5 and up because the younger kids got distracted, but they were told they could go explore the museum when they got restless so it worked out well for them also, The kids made blueberry muffins and hummus and the best part was they got to enjoy their treats afterwards. Great experience." - Tori M.
Dance, Gymnastics, and Movement
  • Artistic Motion
    • "Artistic Motion, small classes great and friendly teachers." - Anna B.
    • "Artistic Motion" - Denise J.
  • Dance Center of Greensboro
    • "Dance Center of Greensboro" - Melissa E.
  • Dance Project
    • "We do NC Dance Project. They are really great for pre-school age kids (low-key, no giant recital with expensive costumes): http://www.danceproject.org/school/" - Kirstin C.
    • "Dance Project is fantastic, Elizabeth is awesome with the kids. It's VERY reasonable." - Brandi D.
    • "NC Dance Project or Tumblebees" - Cristi D.
  • Greensboro Ballet
    • "Greensboro Ballet. I was the Children's Dance Director there for 10 yrs." - Becky T.
  • Little Gym
    • "We do the little gym." - Ashley B.
    • "My daughter took a combination ballet, tap and gymnastics class at The Little Gym and really enjoyed it." - Christie K.
  • Nan’s Dance
    • "Nan's dance. I used to take when I was little And I know the owner personally. Great dance place! My 4 yr old will be taking this fall!" - Julia D.
    • "Nan's dance studio is a nice studio. They have two locations in Greensboro. http://www.nansdance.com" - Meghan S.
  • Royal Expressions Contemporary Ballet
    • "Royal Expressions Contemporary Ballet wonderful NON-Profit studio in its 5th year. No recital fees, or costume fees. 3 performances throughout the year" - Shelby E.
Karate, Tae Kwon Do and other Martial Arts
  • AIM Taekwondo & Fitness Center
    • “AIM in the Sedgefiled Crossing shopping center is great.” –Becca R.
    • “We go to Aim Tkd Greensboro and love it. Mr Word is great with our five year old. They have all ages but I really liked that they have an actual curriculum for the younger kids too.” –Leslie W.
  • Defensive Martial Arts
    • “We are at Defensive Martial Arts, Inc. w/ Ed Catalano and are happy there!” –Leah S.
    • “We are at Defensive Martial arts as well. Ed Catalano does a great job. They have a special for the summer.” –Krystal J.
    • “Defensive Martial Arts, Inc. is great!!! They are near the coliseum. Prices are amazing compared to others around!!” –Dawn D.
    • “I second defensive martial arts! My boys started going about a year ago and the one who stuck with it is still loving it! You can't beat the price, either!” –Maggie W.
  • Essential Martial Arts
    • “We do TaeKwonDo at Essential Martial Arts - everyone loved it so much the husband and I joined as well!” –Jeanine M.
  • Flex Tae Kwon Do
    • “Flex Tae Kwon Do on Battleground (near New Garden). Great people and very affordable, we've been going there 2 years” –Lindsay B.
  • Greensboro Martial Arts Academy
    • “Small classes with lots of individual attention and many years of experience with the instructors. Wonderful community and excellent for kids and adults alike!” –Sally C.
  • Mike Carr’s Krate USA
    • “I highly recommend Mike Carr Karate.” –Kendra S.
  • Lee Brothers Tae Kwon Do
    • “lots of friends love Lee Brothers Tae Kwon Do.” –Anne K.
    • “We just started at Lee Brothers on Battleground. There is currently a Groupon for 12 classes with uniform for $52. We have gone to one class & my 4yo can't stop talking about how great it was.” –Tonja C.
  • Tae Kwon Do America
    • “Tae Kwon Do America on New Garden Road! we have been there almost 2 years, and my cousins for 2 years before that smile emoticon” –Jenn D.
    • “We go to Taekwondo America too. My oldest has been there for over 6 years, we love it there.” –Sarah S.
  • Kinder Spanish
    • "Kinder Spanish is another" - Jenna R.
  • Spanish Splash
    • "Playtime Spanish splash. She does Spanish immersion camps, preschools, and mommy AMD me." - Jenna R.
  • UNCG
    • “Contact the foreign language department at UNCG [for latin tutoring]. They often have students offering tutoring services for great prices!” –Kapriee B.
  • Amanda Giddens Orrock
    • "Amanda Giddens Orrock We go to church with her and she is the children's chorister. She's great with the kids, and I know she teaches piano lessons. You can send her a private FB message." - Karen H.
  • Beth McKinney
    • “Beth McKinney teaches [piano] at the Spears YMCA. They have a great little and private lesson room, price is very reasonable and she is a great teacher.” –Angie M.
  • Oak Level Music
    • “I teach piano to ages 3 and up. I am located in Stokesdale, N.C, if interested you can message me back on here, or visit www.oaklevelmusic.com” –Megan B.
  • The Music Academy of North Carolina
    • "The Music Academy of North Carolina!" - Jessica S.
    • “I hear wonderful things about The Academy” –Cathy W.
    • "My daughter takes guitar through the MANC at her school (after school) - we've been very happy!" -Becky L.
  • Pat King Music
    • “Pat king music is great... NW Greensboro near lake Brandt/lake Jeanette” -Rachel H.
  • UNCG
    • "UNCG offered ukulele classes for parent/child at some point, it might be worth investigating. It was free and my daughter loved it!" - Becky L.
Swimming Lessons
  • Swim Fanatics
    • "Swim Fanatics" - April D.
    • "Swim Fanatics are fantastic." - Heather F.
    • "Swim Fanatics Swim Club offers 1/2 day camps throughout the summer for kids 2-15. Kind of nice to have all your kids be able to attend the same camp. Each day the kids swim with certified swim coaches and are grouped by age and swim levels." - Anitra F.
  • Greensboro Aquatic Center
    • "Check with the Greensboro Aquatic Center at the Coliseum. We take our program to the aquatics center during the summer months." - Bridgette C.
  • YMCA
    • "My girls learned to swim at Spears Family YMCA!" - Stacy J.
    • "My girls took swim lessons at Spears YMCA - we were pleased with them" - Becky L.
  • "Leslie Wannamaker is a tutor and former classroom teacher. Check her FB page - https://www.facebook.com/wannamakerstutorial“ - Becky L.


Adams Farm Pool (membership)
  • “we love adams farm. the pool is great- lifeguards, water slide, kiddie pools; and they offer movie nights (with free popcorn and juice) for the kids, teen nights, cornhole tourneys, dj every weekend, family cookouts, etc.” –Heather C.
BurMil Park Pool
  • “Go to burmil pool no need to join” –Vonda W.
  • “Bur Mil and Tanglewood Park Pool both have zero entry but require a drive across town. Tanglewood of the two is really worth the drive for little ones.” –Heather C.
  • “Burmill” –Vonda W.
  • “Burmil is a great one”- Rebekah D.
  • “Bur mil has a splash pad (in a fenced in area) for little kids, then a slopped entrance splash area, as well as full sized pool. It's $5 each I think.” –Carrie M.
The Cardinal Pool (membership)
  • “The Cardinal pool broke off from the country club so anyone can join the pool now” –Suzy C.
City Lake Park
  • “City Lake Park has zero entry.” –Jennifer D.
  • “City Lake Park in Jamestown has the zero entry. The shallow end is great for little ones.”- Ann H.
Greensboro Aquatic Center
  • “The gso aquatic center is affordable for a family” –Devyn G.
Hagen Stone Park
  • “They just put one in at Hagen Stone Park. Aquatic center it's $175.00 for a season pass for a family of 4. It has a water slide & diving board” –Kathy C.
  • “Hagan Stone Park has a new pool with splash pad across from their newer awesome playground. Haven't been yet (it JUST opened), but it looks great!” –Ashley W.
  • “Hagan stone pool is amazing and absolutely worth the drive!!” –Jennifer C.
  • “Also, the new Hagan stone park pool is amazing! There is a whole area with sloped entrance and splash pad type water sprayers/sprinkler/buckets that is perfect for kids 2-4. The sloped entrance leads to a child friendly "deep end" that's 3 foot deep. It has a min slide into a few inches of water and is separated from the main pool by a strip of concrete. We were really impressed with it.” –Brittany M.
Lawndale Swim and Tennis Club (membership)
  • “Lawndale swim and tennis is great!” –Liz H.
  • “Lawndale Pool - separate baby pool with zero entry. Much cheaper than other pools in area.” –Tonja C.
Lindley Park Pool
  • “lindley pool is great” –Tara L.
Northeast Park Pool
  • “Ne park pool $5” –Christina M.
Oak Ridge Pool (membership)
  • “We joined Oak Ridge this year. There is a waiting list but it has not been overly crowded at all. The first year is costly but the remaining years are not and you get part of your fees back. My kids really wanted a diving board so we had to find one that offered that and I do like the life guards. Friendly Acres is great if you don't want a diving board/life guards and is about $600 a year. Pinetop is about $650 too and offers the lifeguards/diving board but is a little farther.” –Angela C.
Ridgewood Pool (membership)
  • “Ridgewood is great 5 more spots open ..... great family pool tons of activities all year and gym....” –Julie J.


Greensboro United
  • "We have really liked Greensboro United as well. I think they do some stuff over the summer, but their main seasons are fall and spring. There are also soccer camps all over town this summer." - Susan L.
  • "Greensboro United has an awsome program for girls. My daughter loves it!" - Jenilyn S.
  • "Greensboro United... I think Fall registration is now open. Also, Soccertots is running some summer programs that I think are done at Proehlific and the Sportsplex. My kids enjoyed Soccertots when they were younger and love Greensboro United now!" - Tori M.
Oak Ridge Youth Association
  • "Oak Ridge Youth Association is taking registration for fall baseball. I'm not sure if they have a 4yo group. My 7yo played for them in the spring. I just checked their site and the age group is 5/6." - Sara Q.
Proehlific Park
  • "Proehlific Park Tball is awesome." - Cindy O.
  • “Uncg has [soccer] camp for the girls in a couple of weeks. My daughter is 8 & loves it!” –Tori M.
  • "Spears YMCA. They have Fall baseball." - Sarah S.
  • "They have a coed tball team at Spears!" - Christie P.

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