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Best of Greensboro - Shopping and Retail

Car Dealerships
  • Battleground Kia
    • “Battleground Kia. They will buy your car as well and have always done a great job and been fair (and no you don't have to buy a car, they're still fair)” –Danielle M.
    • “My husband works at battleground Kia and knows about cars, used to be a mechanic but left because of how dishonest the business was. He's in sales and constantly posts great deals on trade ins and certified pre-owned. You can check out his page here on Facebook. Simply search "chance hunt of battleground Kia". He post deals almost everyday. Photos included” –Jereka H.
    • “another vote for Carmax” –Leah S.
    • “Had 2 bad experiences in our family dealing w/Crown.  But 3 great experiences w/Carmax” –Dianna P.
    • “We had a great experience with Carmax and with Foreign Cars Italia (btw not all their cars are foreign and you can negotiate a great price” –Izabela B.
  • Car Max
    • “Car max for selling. We've sold 3 or 4 vehicles there. Super fast, simple and prices are pretty good.” –Caroline S.
    • “Carmax will buy your car regardless of if you want to trade or not. You can get cash just about on the spot.” –Dominique F.
    • “We love using CarMax for buying and selling!” –Danielle G.
    • “We just purchased a car through carmax and we were very impressed with the whole entire process! Not to mention they have a 5 day return policy, no questions asked.” –Stephanie B.
    • “I actually went through car max and had a great experience” –Tamara G.
  • Crown Honda of Greensboro
    • “We got our Honda from the Honda place on Wendover. We've gone there for all the maintenance and they've been great.” –Grace P.
    • “I had a good experience with crown Honda on wendover.” –Becky L.
    • “7 years ago I found better deals at the one in high point. But in 2013 we had a great experience and got a terrific deal at the one on Wendover.” –Jodi J.
    • “Crown Honda” –Valentina A.
  • Enterprise Care Sales
    • “Enterprise car sales is awesome! Easy to work with, great with kids, fast. Very happy with our purchase and experience.” –LeAnn V.
  • Foreign Car Italia
    • “We had a great experience with Carmax and with Foreign Cars Italia (btw not all their cars are foreign and you can negotiate a great price” –Izabela B.
  • Impex Auto Sales
    • “try Payless Auto Sales in Greensboro.. they are right next to the FIAT dealership. They actually consign cars for people! Also I think they might of changed thier name to IMPEX .. they might be able to help you! smile emoticon” –Laurel H.
  • Taylor’s Auto Sales
    • “Taylor tire on cone blvd they have a dealership there.” –Margaret L.
    • “Taylors on cone blvd” –Vonda W.
  • Triad Auto Solutions
    • “Triad auto solutions. No haggle. Bought from them a few weeks ago.” –April D.
  • Vann York Honda
    • “Vann York Honda- ask for Moses. Super nice dude who will keep an eye out for whatever you are looking for and work with your budget to make it work.” –Heather M.
  • Read my review of Crown Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram on West Wendover in Greensboro here: http://www.gsofamilies.com/2013/07/shopping-local-crown-chrysler-dodge.html 
Consignment Sales
  • Child Enrichment Center Consignment Sale at Christ United Methodist Church
    • "I shop and sell at the seasonal consignment sales at local churches - sell at Kids Konsignment sale at CEC at CUMC - I always shop that one and First Pres usually, sometimes St. Paul's. Not a fan of the consignment shops around here as I feel their prices are too high for the quality they offer. Have much better luck at the seasonal sales." - Christi D. 
    • “Kids Konsignment Sale at Christ UMC...follow on Facebook! CUMC CEC Kids Konsignment Sale” –Lindsay G.
    • “First Pres, First Baptist, St Paul's & CUMC all have spring/fall sales.” –Victoria H.
  • Covenant Church
    • "I shop at Goodwill, Freedom House and Kidzone regularly. I usually go to Covenant Church in the Spring and Fall." - Tara E. 
  • Greensboro Mothers of Multiples Consignment Sale
    • "GMoM sale both spring & fall. CCC church off of highway 68. Spring sale is already over." - Jessica H. 
    • "GMOM in the spring and fall and other area consignment sales. I agree with the above comment that the consignment stores are a little pricey." - April W. 
    • "I refuse to pay over $1 per article of clothing for my 1yr old. I just bought his entire summer wardrobe for less than $1/piece at GMOM. That one is GOOD." - Becky T. 
  • First Baptist Church Consignment Sale
    • "First Baptist on Friendly" - Lindsey B. 
    • "First Baptist on Friendly Avenue and First Baptist downtown -Fall and Spring." - Tammy M. 
  • First Presbyterian
    • “First Pres, First Baptist, St Paul's & CUMC all have spring/fall sales.” –Victoria H.
  • St. Paul Apostle Church Consignment Sale
    • “St. Paul's kids sale” –Dawn H.
    • “My favorite kids consignment sale is Saint Paul's Kid Sale coming up in the fall.” –Jessica S.
    • “First Pres, First Baptist, St Paul's & CUMC all have spring/fall sales.” –Victoria H.
  • WeeRuns
    • “WeeRuns, and Happy Moms are some consignment sales coming up (in late July/August) that have both fall & spring sales for kid stuff.” –Ashley W.
    • “WeeRuns consignment sale is great for kids stuff. It's a mom to mom sale comes to the area twice a year. Next is July I believe. They have a fb page and website” –Ashley P.
Consignment Stores
  • Freedom House
    • "Once Upon A Once Upon A Child Greensboro, Freedom House," - Kim B. 
    • "I shop at Goodwill, Freedom House and Kidzone regularly. I usually go to Covenant Church in the Spring and Fall." - Tara E. 
  • Good Will
    • "I love Goodwill. They are clean and well organized. I get compliments on outfits I have purchased there." - M. P. 
    • "I shop at Goodwill, Freedom House and Kidzone regularly. I usually go to Covenant Church in the Spring and Fall." - Tara E. 
  • KidZone
    • "I like KidZone. They have a store on High Point Road and one opening on Battleground." - Joanna P. 
    • "I shop at Goodwill, Freedom House and Kidzone regularly. I usually go to Covenant Church in the Spring and Fall." - Tara E. 
    • “Kid zone on Battleground and High Point Road” –Ashely W.
    • “Kid zone for kids clothes. “ –Jenna G.
  • Once Upon a Child
    • "Once Upon A Once Upon A Child Greensboro, Freedom House," - Kim B. 
  • Coes Grocery Store
    • "Coes grocery in downtown Greensboro. He hand raises them. Had some wonderful romas and grape tomatoes from him last year!" - Deborah N.
  • Greensboro Curbside Farmer’s Market
    • "The greensboro curbside farmers market. They have a Facebook page" - Charity G.
    • “The downtown farmers market has an herb sale.” –Victoria H.
  • Guilford Garden Center
    • "Guilford Garden Center. Have relied on them for a long time." - Dennis M.
  • Lowe’s Home Improvement
    • "Lowe's does have non GMO (Bonnie) heirloom tomato plants. Pesticides cycle out in 2 wks if treated." - Christie P.
    • "I got my tomato plants from Lowes. I bought the cheaper 4-pack. They're smaller plants, but watering with Miracle Grow fixed that." - Krista O.
  • New Garden Landscaping and Nursery
    • “We've gotten it [lemon grass] at New Garden.” –Kerri C.
  • Piedmont Triad Farmer’s Market
    • "We go to the farmer's market off of sandy ridge rd." - Becky T.
    • “The piedmont triad farmers market had a bunch of places with it [lemon grass].” –Leah S.
  • Weatherhand Farm at the Greensboro Curb Market
    • "John from Weatherhand Farm at the Greensboro curb market on Saturdays. His plants never die on me!" - Wendy F.
  • 1-800-BunkBed
    • “Try the 1-800-bunkbeds in Kernersville. He's an amazing carpenter and everything can be customized.  His name is Steve.  He has a show room. They were around $400 but so worth it. The boys have tortured the beds and they still look brand new. Plus they come apart into two twins. He has all different configurations.” –Leslie W.
  • American Furniture Wearhouse
    • “We got ours [bunk beds] at America Furniture Waehouse corner of Merrit and High Point Road. TONS to choose from all for under $500” –Heather C.
    • “The place on high point road near Merritt (American furniture maybe?) is where I've bought all of my bedroom and living room furniture. They negotiate on prices and deliver for a fee.” –Becky L.
  • Bassett Furniture
    • “Curt Lanier is THE MAN at Bassett in GSO-tons of patience,great suggestions. Helped recreate my home when I lost most everything in a fire” –Amy H.
  • Colfax Furniture
    • “We went to Colfax furniture they have a great kid section and we paid literally half of what BRU would have been and it's much better quality!” –Lisa H.
    • “Check out Colfax Furniture. They are a local furniture store with a great variety” –Mandy M.
    • “COLFAX Furniture “ –Meghan S.
    • “Colfax Furniture” –Josie C.
  • Furniture Clearance Center
    • “I got mine [bunk beds] at the Discount Furniture place on Market St. in Greensboro. It was $200.” –Melissa B. 
  • Furnitureland South
    • “Furnitureland South.” –Kira H.
    • “We liked Furniture Land South” –Kelly D.
    • “ask for Kristin Grubb at Furniture Land South She will beat anyone's price quoted.” –Gina R.
    • “They have lots of brands. It's high quality pieces- so what I would call "investment" pieces. They also have an outlet center towards the back that is more budget friendly. “ –Carolina S.
    • “FLS is the world's largest furniture store. They have about anything you want. Not as low as Ashley for the most part, but still there are all different prices. I've bought there several times.” –Elizabeth S.
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore
    • "Habitat for Humanity ReStores also have a decent selection” –Danielle G.
    • “The Habitat Restore in High Point is AMAZING. It's like all furniture from market and what not. It makes the one in Greensboro look like an outlet goodwill store.” –Matti C.
    • “Habitat restore on high point rd is a good thrift store” –Jenna G.
  • Ikea
    • “Ikea is the most affordable for new!” –Rhiannon M.
    • “We've used IKEA furniture for infant through 6yr so far and have been happy.” –Sarah C.
    • “I vote IKEA!!” –Christi M.
  • The Picket Fence
    • “The Picket Fence on Randleman is a consignment furniture store.” –Dawn D.
  • The Red Collection
    • “Red Collection. Hit or miss.” –Cameron C.
    • “The Red Collection is great furniture consignment with two locations (Holden rd and Mill St) if they want some unique pieces to go with their sets. smile emoticon” –Ashley W.
    • “I love Red Collection too!!” –Caurice C.
    • “Red collection is good for furniture.” –Jenna G.
    • “I love red collection for furniture and housewares, there are two locations and I personally love the warehouse one near kick back Jacks off of battleground.” –Jessica S.
  • Rooms to Go
    • “Rooms to go has more affordable options with 0% interest for like 2 years! Not the highest quality furniture but it's decent and affordable” –Sarah S.
Home Improvement and Decor
  • Carpets by Direct 
    • “Carpets by Direct on Battleground. They have great prices” –Jennifer D.
  • Floors and More
    • “Floors and more on wendover” –Ceilitia M.
    • “Just saw that there is a new tile place on Bridford off of Wendover. It's beside the new Gabe's. It's where the old K-Mart used to be. Looks like they're have some amazing grand opening sales.” –Leslie W.
    • “Floor n more on wendover at bridford parkway good deals..its in old Kmart building beside gabes” –Vonda W.
  • Studio Tile and Design
    • “Studio tile and design on spring garden has closeouts and great tile options” –Julie J.
  • Wholesale Tile
    • “We go to wholesale tile the ladies there are great at design and helping you stay on budget. My husband is a contractor so we do the work ourselves.” –Maragaret L.
  • Al Sedgefields Discount House of Sleep
    • “Al Sedgefields Discount House of Sleep on Spring Garden. All major brands great prices great customer service but closed on Sundays.” –Bonnie P.
    • “The discount matress place on spring garden has $50 bunk bed mattresses.” –Leslie W.
    • “The Sedgefield place on Spring Garden is a good place to shop. The one I wish we had gotten (a Sealy, I think, with a gel top) has a three month trial period.” –Melissa T.
    • "The discount place on Spring Garden across from Sonic is great - I've bought all of our mattresses there and been very pleased with their service and quality!" - Becky L.
  • Colfax Furniture
    • “Colfax Furniture” –Mandy M.
  • Ikea
    • “ I love my Ikea mattress.” –Amber C.
  • Mattress Firm
    • “Mattress firm across from Walmart off west wendover. The salesman is great and knows his stuff” –Kristin S.
    • “Mattress firm or Sam's club” –Vonda W.
  • Mattress Outlet
    • “Mattress Outlet on w market” –Mariel C.
  • Original Mattress Factory
    • “Original Mattress Factory. Reasonable prices, great beds!” –Caroline S.
  • Sam’s Club
    • “Sams Club” –Denise G.
    • “Mattress firm or Sam's club” –Vonda W.
  • Sleep Number Beds
    • “We have a memory foam sleep number bed that we bought when I was having horrible back pain consistently. It's really helped both me and my husband. I especially like being able to adjust it now that I'm pregnant again! We've had no complaints with it, had it two years, now.” –Katie R.
  • Tuft and Needle
    • “tuft and needle is great!” –Lindsey F.
  • Wholesale Bedding and More
    • “I would recommend wholesale bedding and more on w market. Best mattresses for the price.” –Angelyn N.

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