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Welcome to GSOFamilies - the all-inclusive resource for families in the Greensboro, NC area. Any information shared on our website, twitter page, Facebook page, or Facebook group may also be included on our website! Please see a full listing of our social media and community groups here: http://www.gsofamilies.com/p/gsofamilies-social-media-and-community.html
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Local Outings

Local Outings is a place where we will share our experiences at local businesses and establishments. It is important to support our community, and Greensboro has a great variety of activities and adventures for kids, families, and adults.

June 25, 2013: Date Night Restaurants
June 10, 2013: Dye Nation: Parties 2 Dye 4 and Big Bang Boom
May 7, 2013: Jump! Art for Kids class
April 19, 2013: Bloody Mary's and Yo Daddy
April 3, 2013: NC Zoo Trip
March 28, 2013: Choosing Local - Auto Care (Honest-1 Auto Care)
March 30, 2013: GSOFamilies Egg Hunt
March 16, 2013: Bunny Day at the Greensboro Science Center

Guest Contributions:
May 6, 2015: SkyWild Ropes Course at the Greensboro Science Center - Leslie Wannamaker
August 5, 2013: Museum of Life and Science (Durham, NC) - Amy Schenck
July 7, 2013: Greensboro Science Center - Part 1 (SciQuarium) and Part 2 - Leslie Wannamaker
April 30, 2013: Alamance Children's Museum and Burlington City Park - Jennifer Aceves

We also welcome guest posts! If you'd like to contribute to GSOFamilies Local Outings, please contact gsofamilies@gmail.com. Thanks!

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