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Monday, November 25, 2013

We're adopting!

I've committed GSOFamilies to adopt a family for the holidays. All of the money GSOFamilies is raising from the GSOFamilies Small Business Bazaar and GSOFamilies Online Holiday Fair will be used to purchase new items for the family.

The family we have been assigned consists of a Mom, Dad, and 4 children - all girls, ages 13, 9, 7 and 4. The mom is also pregnant and due with a baby boy in March. The family was living in public housing, which was condemned last week. The Greensboro Housing Coalition is in the process of helping the family find housing, but they've been hit hard and need help with everything. See the wish list below.


  • Look over the wish list below, and purchase items for the family. Please email gsofamilies@gmail.com to coordinate a drop off/pick up of items.
  • Contribute money to help assist GSOFamilies in purchasing new items for the family. PayPal and Amazon Payments information are below at the bottom of the webpage.
  • Look through your old items. The family is happy to take pre-loved items! Especially for the new baby due in March!
  • Purchase food or a grocery gift card for the family. Email gsofamilies@gmail.com to arrange drop off/pick up.
  • SHARE this information! 
  • Shop at the GSOFamilies Small Business Bazaar on Saturday, 11/30 between 10 am and 4 pm (click the link for details). Invite your friends!
  • Participate in the GSOFamilies Online Holiday Fair between now and December 16! Click the link to join the event. Share with your friends!

If you have items to donate/contribute, please email gsofamilies@gmail.com to arrange a pickup of items. If you'd like to contribute money, that would be great! If you go to http://www.gsofamilies.com and scroll towards the bottom of the page, there are several options for online monetary donations or you can send PayPal to gsofamilies@gmail.com with a note that it is for the adopted family. To send a check/money order/cash, please email gsofamilies@gmail.com for the address or I can meet up with you in Greensboro.

I will set up a group shopping date in mid-December if anyone wants to help me shop for the family! 

As of 11/25/13, we've raised $191.52 for the family! THANK YOU!

  • Mother
    • Clothing:
      • Top: Medium
      • Pants: 7-8
      • Shoes: 7.5
  • Father:
    • Clothing:
      • Top: Large
      • Pants:36 x 30
      • Shoes: 10
  • Child: 13 yr old female
    • Clothing:
      • Tops: Size Small
      • Pants: Size 3
      • Shoes: 7
    • Toys: Something to listen to music with 
  • Child: 9 yr old female
    • Clothing: Size 10-11
    • Shoes: 5
    • Toys: Barbies, electronic games, books to read
  • Child: 7 yr old female
    • Clothing: Size 8
    • Shoes: 2
    • Toys: Barbies
  • Child: 4 yr old female
    • Clothing: 5-6
    • Shoes: 11
    • Toys: Barbies and Dora the Explorer
  • Child: Baby Boy (due in March)
    • Needs anything and everything for baby, has nothing.
    • Furniture, clothes, diapers, bottles, car seat, etc. Pre-loved is OK!
  • The family will gladly accept food donations and/or grocery cards as well!
  • They also do not have a microwave and would love to have one!
Let's help this family have a wonderful, memorable holiday this year!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

GSOFamilies Small Business Bazaar

GSOFamilies was founded with the intent of encouraging and supporting local businesses. I am incredibly pleased to announce we are hosting the first GSOFamilies Small Business Bazaar to help promote and support our local members, crafters, and business people, and provide a venue for easy, local shopping for all of your holiday needs! I've partnered with Lauren from Jump Art 4 Kids and Jillian from Parties 2 Dye 4 to bring this incredible event to you!

Many communities have adopted "Small Business Saturday" as a response to Black Friday. Working with this idea, and combining our desire to promote local businesses, the GSOFamilies Small Business Bazaar will be held on Saturday, November 30, 2013 from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm at Parties 2 Dye 4 (2717 Battleground Ave, Greensboro, NC 27408).

Please join us for a fun day of shopping, and support local businesspeople and crafters in the process. We are booked for vendors for the GSOFamilies Small Business Bazaar, but have added an additional ONLINE Holiday Fair to help provide an easy outlet for vendors to showcase their wares, and shoppers to connect with the vendors. It is online only, and details can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/324177737723427

GSOFamilies Small Business Bazaar Confirmed Vendors:
  • 3 Little E's - selling all natural raw goats milk soaps
  • Brandtridge - selling handcrafted copper jewelry, original mixed media paintings, prints of works, glass pendants and candle holders
  • Clean Sweep Triad - offering comprehensive roof, gutter, and home exterior maintenance services
  • Christi's Boutique - selling hairbows, necklaces, cowls, wrap bracelets
  • Created Just For You - selling personalization,T-shirts, mugs, bags, plush with personalized shirts.
  • doTerra with LeAnn Vipperman - selling Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils and products made with the oils
  • Eleven Eleven Creations - selling wreaths, upcycled vintage windows, and small rustic home decor. 
  • Gifts 2 Help Rescues - selling items to raise money for homeless animals. The buyer chooses which local rescue/shelter is to receive the donation from their purchase. The donation on our handmade items (pendants, bracelets, frames, magnets, hand painted glassware, greeting cards, etc) is 25% up to $10. We log all of our donations on our website.
  • Go With Me Tote - selling a unique tote bag made of canvas cotton, that has a metal handle and can be configured 3 different ways.  There are more than 12 different ways it can be used.
  • Green Town Shop - selling vintage--housewares, books, children's items, Christmas items, etc.
  • Greytbeginnings - selling car seat ponchos, crocheted ponchos, crocheted hats for the family, crocheted blankets, PUL changing pads, crocheted wash cloths, stitched blankets, crocheted mittens, and crocheted flower clips.
  • Frost and Fire - selling Handmade Jewelry, Handmade Christmas Items, Handmade Stationary, Handmade Household Decor, etc.
  • Mary Kay with Frances Bevilaque - selling skin care products and make up and teaching skin care one-on-one.
  • Norwex with Rebecca Lange - offering quality products to help you reduce the chemicals in your home and personal care products, saving time and and money.
  • Piedmont Doula Care - a group of three birth doulas, who also offer postpartum, reiki, childbirth education and parenting classes.  In addition, one of our doulas sells homemade goat's milk soaps and other bath products.
  • [table7creative] - selling hand-knit baby and children's clothing and toys; artisan-made knitting gear; other handmade crafts.
  • Vada Dicey Photography - offering professional photography services

Join our Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/179648432227356/
Join our Meetup event: http://www.meetup.com/GSOFamilies/events/149699352/

All profit GSOFamilies makes from this event will be used to adopt a family for the holidays. See this link for details: http://www.gsofamilies.com/2013/11/were-adopting.html. We will also accept donations at the Bazaar. Just to be clear, vendors keep the profit they make from sales at the event.

Every vendor is contributing a product or service valued at approximately $25 that will be raffled off at the event. Every person who attends the GSOFamilies Small Business Bazaar will be given one raffle ticket upon entry. This raffle ticket can be used to choose which raffle prize you'd like to win. Additional tickets will be available for purchase at the event for $1 each, 6 for $5, 12 for $10, or 25 for $20. The more tickets you have, the better your chances of winning one or more prizes! Look for the table with the door prizes and corresponding ticket entry information at the event!

Confirmed Raffle Prizes:
If you are a local business and interested in donating a raffle prize, please email gsofamilies@gmail.com prior to November 25, 2013 with your donation information. All profit from the event, including the sale of raffle prize tickets, will be used to adopt a local family for the holidays.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Car Seats and Winter Coats

It's the first really cold day in Greensboro, and I just wanted to share this reminder about keeping your kids safe and warm.

Bulky winter coats and car seats do not generally mix well! I'm assuming you all know the proper safety precautions for installing your child's car seat properly, and using the harness properly. If you need a quick refresher, check out the links at the bottom.

Here's a quick test to determine if your child's winter coat could compress in a crash and put your child in danger:

  • Put your child in his winter coat, buckle him into his car seat, and tighten the straps to where it passes the "pinch test". 
  • Without loosening the straps, unbuckle your child, and remove the winter coat.
  • Put your child back in the car seat without the winter coat, and fasten the straps without adjusting them.
  • If the straps don't pass the "pinch test" then the coat is too bulky to wear in the car seat. 

What is the pinch test?

In order for your child's car seat to provide protection in a crash (which is why we use car seats, right?) the harness straps must fit properly. Loose harnesses can cause injuries or completely fail to protect your child at all. The pinch test helps determine if the harness is properly tightened and adjusted.

  1. Put one finger under the harness near the child's collarbone so you can pull the strap up to "fold" when you pinch it. I use three fingers - my index finger and thumb on top, and my middle finger under the strap. My middle finger pulls the strap up while my thumb and index finger attempt to pinch. 
  2. If you can pinch the straps together, they are too loose. 
  3. Ensure the straps are properly tightened near the child's belly (below the chest clip - which should be -not surprisingly- at the chest, not down at the buckle). 
  4. Repeat the pinch test near the collarbone until you are unable to pinch the straps together.
How do you keep your child warm if they can't wear a coat in their car seat?
Comment here if you have any additional suggestions!


Thursday, November 7, 2013

GSOFamilies Small Business Bazaar


Please view http://www.gsofamilies.com/2013/11/gsofamilies-small-business-bazaar_16.html for updated information regarding the GSOFamilies Small Business Bazaar!

GSOFamilies was founded with the intent of encouraging and supporting local businesses. I am incredibly pleased to announce we are hosting the first GSOFamilies Small Business Bazaar to help promote and support our local members, crafters, and business people, and provide a venue for easy, local shopping for all of your holiday needs! I've partnered with Lauren from Jump Art 4 Kids and Jillian from Parties 2 Dye 4 to bring this incredible event to you!

Many communities have adopted "Small Business Saturday" as a response to Black Friday. Working along this idea, and combining our desire to promote local businesses, the GSOFamilies Small Business Bazaar will be held on Saturday, November 30, 2013 from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm at Parties 2 Dye 4 (2717 Battleground Ave, Greensboro, NC 27408).

If you are a local businessperson, crafter, artist, or are interested in participating in the GSOFamilies Small Business Bazaar in any way, please fill out the form below. Vendor spaces will allow for one 6' table plus standing/sitting space.

We are asking vendors to pay a nominal fee of $15, and also donate a door prize (value of approximately $25) to be raffled off at the bazaar. Electricity will not be available for vendors, and while we will do our best to ensure wi-fi is available for vendors, we cannot guarantee availability.

Vendor Application Deadline: November 15, 2013

Vendors will be notified of their inclusion in our event by November 16, 2013, and the Vendor Fee ($15) is due within 48 hours of notification (paid via PayPal, Amazon Payments, Credit Card, Check, Cash, or Money Order) to reserve the space. In the event that a vendor declines the space, we will continue through all applications until all spaces are filled.

All profit from this event will be used to adopt a family (or two) for the holidays. More details will be released as they are finalized.

Vendors, please complete the form below with your interest. We will allow multiple vendors to share a space - we ask that each vendor completes the form below.

If you are a local business and interested in donating a door prize, please email gsofamilies@gmail.com prior to November 15, 2013 with your donation information. All profit from the event, including the door prize tickets, will be used to adopt a local family for the holidays.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Helping a Local Family

One of our GSOFamilies members, Heather Cope, has 5 kids. Her oldest daughter Bailey, a 7th grader, fell 10 feet into a concrete cellar last night (November 2). She was at a birthday party, playing hide and seek in the dark. There was a flight of stairs going to the unfinished cellar (basically a concrete pit), from ground level to about 10 feet underground. She fell over the edge, straight to the bottom, not down the stairs. It was a freak accident. The concrete was broken up at odd angles, which Heather suspects is one of the reasons her injuries are so bad. Heather's husband, Matt, had gone to pick up Heather from the party and arrived just as the mom of the birthday child was on the phone with 911, so he was with Bailey when the EMTs arrived. Heather met him and Bailey at the hospital - and hasn't left.

Bailey's in the ICU and while they haven't yet determined the full extent of her injuries, so far they know her knee is broken and in an immobilizer - surgery is TBD. She has a broken nose, broken eye socket, and both walls of a sinus cavity are broken. This let air into her brain cavity, so they're watching for leaking cerebral spinal fluid. They are waiting for more news on a hemorrhage. Later today they will do another CT Scan to check for fractures to her jaw. The good news is Bailey's neck and back appear intact; she is awake, and fairly lucid but experiencing memory problems.

Heather is a nursing student. Her husband Matt is the sole income provider for their family. Bailey is a soccer player and the oldest of their 5 kids. The Cope family lives in Stokesdale, and will be traveling back and forth to Winston-Salem to the hospital. I've known Heather for almost ten years now, and she has always been there to help others when they need it, even when she hasn't really had the extra to spare - she's always found a way. This accident is going to be difficult on the family - travel to the hospital, keeping the other four kids on their schedule with school and meals, and Matt having to miss work to be with his daughter. Not to mention medical expenses and Bailey's recovery.

Heather asked for Get Well cards and pictures to be mailed to Bailey to help cheer her up during the time she's in the hospital and during the long recovery ahead of her. If you have a few minutes, please consider sending a card or picture (involve your kids!) to Bailey:

Bailey Cope
344 Dogwood Acres Road
Madison, NC 27025

If you'd like to help the Cope family in other ways, I know they'd appreciate gas cards and grocery cards. They are also going to have to rent a wheelchair for Bailey, which is an out-of-pocket expense. I'm not sure if it's something that can be emailed, but Heather's email is naturebaby@triad.rr.com if you need it and I know she does have Amazon Payments if you'd like to just send a few bucks to help her family out (it's free, and similar to PayPal but easier to use). I considered setting up a site through a third party (like gofundme) but the fees are high and I feel like anything should go directly to the family.

UPDATE: There are times in our lives when friends and family ask, "What can I do to help out?" The answer is usually to help them with a meal. When many friends give a meal, this is a meal train. We have set up a MealTrain for the Cope family, to help them out while Bailey is recovering. Bailey is doing wonderful, considering the circumstances, but it is going to take a lot of time and energy to care for her while she's recuperating and recovering. Bailey is the oldest of 5 kids, plus Heather and Matt. Please considering helping out by signing up to bring them a meal here: http://www.mealtrain.com/?id=mpujmd8tc8gt - Matt works at Rice Toyota in Greensboro and can possibly arrange for a drop-off of meals at his work if driving to Madison is too far. 

I will be continuing to edit and update this post with news on Bailey as Heather shares it. If nothing else, please keep this sweet girl in your thoughts as she has an extensive recovery period ahead of her. The family has said they appreciate the kind thoughts and prayers, and adding her to prayer lists is welcomed. 

Thank you, GSOFamilies, for making this community one where I (and others) feel comfortable asking for support when it is needed. I'm so proud of everything GSOFamilies has become and everything we will continue to be and do in the future! THANK YOU!

Update 11/3/13 at 10am:
Heather said the trauma specialists want to wait until tomorrow to get the CT scans of Bailey's face, but have okayed the x-rays of her neck for today. They've started anti-seizure protocol and are having the ophthalmology team come in to look at her eye. After the CT scan tomorrow, they'll decide if she needs any surgery for her facial fractures. Bailey just got a dose of morphine, so she's resting pretty comfortably right now.

Update 11/4/13 at 8 am:
Heather already met with the surgery team, the ENTs, and the orthopedic docs this morning. It looks like the ligaments and muscles in her knee are intact, which means the chance of healing without surgery continues to go up. The ENT ruled out leaking cerebral spinal fluid for now- a really good sign- and said that Bailey will probably not have surgery for any of the facial fractures. She is in really good spirits, and has asked repeatedly about going back to school. Today brings the CT scan of her face, X-ray of her neck and, fingers crossed, a move from ICU to a regular room. Thanks for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers!

Update 11/4/13 at 8 pm:
X-ray of Bailey's neck looks great! No fractures, but a pretty wicked case of whiplash. PT should be by today to teach Heather and Matt how to use her equipment and they are being moved to a regular room. CT scan did not show any more fractures to her face, but did indicate more bleeding near her brain. Bailey's not eating or drinking much and still has the neck brace on. She may be able to go home as early as tomorrow night- everyone agrees that she'll do her best healing at home. Fingers crossed!

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