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Best of Greensboro - Out on the Town

Date Nights
  • 1618 Wine Lounge
    • "1618 wine lounge" - Cara H.
    • "1618 Wine Lounge is really the only place I ever go!" - Christie P.
  • Boba House
    • “For something different but super good Boba House on Tate Street. You won't even miss meat when you eat there.” –Heather C.
  • CafĂ© Europa
    • “The Worx!! Love that place! Also Cafe Europa. My two fave GSO restaurants!!” –Victoria S.
  • Churchill’s on Elm
    • "Churchills is a great place, live music, older crowd" - Carl C.
  • Crafted-The Art of the Taco
    • “Crafted-The Art of the Taco: Supports a local restaurant, has a really neat atmosphere, very fair prices, and fuses sweet and spicy ingredients that you would never think to put together. So yummy!” –Andrea K.
    • “Crafted also has an awesome vegan menu, and everyone there knows what that means, so you're not wondering if your waiter understood what you meant!” –Lindsey F.
  • Hops Burger Bar
    • “Hops burger bar. It was just named best burger in the nation” –Jenna R.
    • “Hops! Yum!!” –Rebekah D.
  • Lindsey Park Filling Station
    • "Lindsey park filling station is owned by them also and they have delicious sandwiches.” –Jen G.
  • Lucky 32
    • “Lucky 32. Nicer than some of the chain restaurants but not too fancy. It has some of the best steak I've ever had and a seasonal menu as well!” –Carla C.
  • M’Coul’s Public House
    • “M'Coul's Public House - we love it there w/ the kid or without!” –Leah S.
  • Melt
    • “Melt is delish! It's over by gate city shipping center. Trendy, local, gray atmosphere and food!” –Sarah C.
  • Melting Pot
    • “The melting pot....you cook your own food and the entire meal takes around 2 hours so it's a wonderful chance to be able to talk and the food is wonderful. Two words- chocolate fondue!!!!” –Sarah T.
    • “Melting pot is our go-to date for anniversaries and Valentine's Day. We somehow milk it for 3 hours of heavenly adult-time bliss. And yes, make sure you save room for the chocolate fondue!!” –Lindsay A.
  • Osteria
    • “Oh my goodness, we just discovered Osteria a few weekends ago. Fantastic! Excellent wine menu. Chef inspired food. Intimate setting. The food was divine. Wonderful specials that change with seasonal availability.” –Carly H.
  • Printworks
    • “Never had a bad meal at Printworks or Josephine's. Both have simple menus, but the food is so good.” –Alicia E.
  • Tasting Room
    • "The tasting room is fantastic as long as you like wine" - Dianna P.
  • The Worx
    • “The Worx!! Love that place! Also Cafe Europa. My two fave GSO restaurants!!” –Victoria S.
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Family Activities
  • Civil Rights Museum
    • “The Civil Rights Museum.” –Jennifer S.
  • Historical Museum
    • “Historical museum is free across from children's museum” –Vonda W.
    • “Definitely the historical museum downtown. It's fantastic and free” –Erik R.
  • Bowling
    • “The lanes on Holden kids get a certain number of games free(only pay shoe rental) and you can by a summer family plan for a one time to be included on the same fun” –Dawn L.
  • Movies
  • Read about our visit to the NC Zoo
  • Read about Bunny Day at the Greensboro Science Center
  • Read a 2 part Guest Post about the SciQuarium at the Greensboro Science Center
  • Read a guest post about Alamance County and the Burlington Children's Museum

Fishing Lakes
  • Greensboro Lakes
    • Keely Park Pond
      • "Keely Park-fishing ponds, spray ground, play ground, trails" - Katharine W.
      • “Keely Park has lovely fishing ponds complete with piers that I consider safer (more enclosed railings) for smaller kids.” –Michelle O.
    • Hagan Stone Park
      • “Hagen Stone Park is a really nice place . they have two playgrounds, walking trails, fishing ponds & they just built a public swimming pool there.” –Kathy C.
  • Near-by Lakes
    • Ararat River (Mt. Airy, NC)
      • “Ararat River in Mt Airy has a greenway and lots of shore access. Please make certain you have an NC fishing license.” –Victoria H.
    • Eno River State Park (Durham, NC)
      • “Eno River State Park is also very nice& accessible.” –Vicotria H.
    • High Point City Lake Park (Jamestown, NC)
      • “City lake park might work for you” –Jenna R.
    • Lake Jordan (Apex, NC)
      • "Jordan Lake is great!" - Dennis M.
    • Lake Macintosh (Burlington, NC)
      • "Lake Macintosh in Burlington Nc Good steady fishing there 4 pounders and up." - Jamar G.
    • Salem Lake (Winston-Salem, NC)
      • "Salem Lake is supposed to be good. You just cannot fish from the banks... so gotta be in a boat" - Melissa P.
  • Kathleen Clay Library
    • "Kathleen Clay library. Walk around country park, maybe take her bike there. The wildlife center at BurMil, walk a trail there, look at the lake.....these are all free" - Brandi D. 
    • "Another vote for the library! I think she is old enough for her own card if she doesn't have one already. My two have always loved checking out books at the library. The Kathleen Clay library is very nice and has yard space around it for reading outside" - Elizabeth L.
  • Glenn McNair Library
    • "My kids love the new library on Lake Jeanette! Great space for children!" - Angela
Live Music
  • Blind Tiger
    • "Check out the Blind Tiger!" - Chris T.
  • City of Greensboro
    • “The local parks put on a music concert series on Sunday evenings during the summer
http://www.greensboro-nc.gov/index.aspx?page=3004” –Dawn L.
  • Gia
    • "Gia has live music certain nights of the week, it's a neat little place to check out and have drinks or appetizers with friends and listen to some music." - Amy
  • Hams
    • “Adults only live music that we frequent are Hams, Wine Styles, MJs, Tasting room, and the Deck. We usually just go for drinks and dessert.” –Rebecca S.
  • Potent Potables
    • "Potent Potables in Jamestown sometimes has live music - it is a neat little spot!" - Dani T.

Parks and Hiking
  • Greensboro Parks and Hiking  www.gsoparksandrec.org 
    • Barber Park
      • "Barber Park has the water/spray station, disc-golf, tennis courts, walking trail, basketball court, playground and shelters. Most if not al is free. Located off Lee St Ext near 85 biz." - Gail T.
    • Bicentennial Park and Bog Gardens
      • “Bicentennial and Bog gardens.” –Brooke L.
    • Country Park
      • “Check out the area around the Science Center (It's a zoo/aquarium/science museum all in one). Nearby is Country park, which is great for walking, biking, playing.” –Caroline S.
    • Hagen Stone Park
      • "Hagen stone park is awesome." - Charity G.
      • “Hagen Stone Park is a really nice place . they have two playgrounds, walking trails, fishing ponds & they just built a public swimming pool there.” –Cathy C.
      • "Hagan Stone Park was nice. We went there with cub scouts. My 5 and 7 could handle it and had fun.” –Kaylie E.
    • Keely Park
      • "Keeley Park. Splash pad and playgrounds." - Kimberly T.
      • "Keely Park-fishing ponds, spray ground, play ground, trails" - Katharine W.
    • Lake Brandt Park
      • “Lake Brandt Park has trails around rim of lake, Hanging Rock for waterfalls, you could even try the paved Greenway thru town and go behind all the businesses.” –Brooke P.
    • Lake Daniel Park
      • "Lake Daniel Park in GSO. It has a tennis court, a playground with a ton of shaded space, and restrooms." - Kendra S.
  • Parks and Recreation
    • “You don't have to travel far to hike gorgeous scenic trails. Greensboro has almost 100 miles of trail! You can also find them on www.facebook.com/gsotrails www.greensborotrails.org” –Matti C.
    • “We have tons of great trails here in Greensboro. If you "like" Greensboro Trails on facebook and ask this question, they will give you some great advice. Greensboro Parks and Recreation also has an Assistant Trails Director that can help you navigate the trail system in town. Check out their website at www.gsoparksandrec.com “ –Michelle G.
  • Near-by Parks and Hiking
    • Carousel Park (Burlington, NC)
      • "Carousel Park in Burlington- rides, playground, trails" - Katharine W.
    • Fourth of July Park (Kernersville, NC)
      • "We love Fourth of July Park in Kernersville! Great playgrounds, fun creek to play in, paved trails throughout the wooded portion, dog park, tennis and basketball courts, and a skate park! Shelters and picnic tables, big grassy area, clean restrooms... I could go on! We love Fourth of July! (But shhhhhh... don't tell too many people. We like to think of it as our little secret!)" - Jessica
    • Hanging Rock State Park (Danbury, NC)
      • "Hanging Rock is great-- it's about 45 minutes away." - Lindsay G.
      • "Hanging rock." - Scott D.
      • "Hanging Rock and Pilot Mountain are both pretty close and good hikes for families." - Becky L.
      • “Hanging rock state park. Only an hour drive from greensboro, less if close to kernersville. It is Ah-maz-ing! There is a 12 acre lake up the mountain that is such an awesome kept secret. There's a beach area, a beach house with concessions, restrooms and showers and there is also a platform in the lake with two diving boards. No motor boats allowed but you can rent kayaks and paddle boats there, cheaply. They also have a gorgeous waterfall that's about a 15 minute hike, but is easy to access with signs pointing the way. There's a natural water slide and shallow swimming area at the base of the fall. I fee like it's one of our areas best kept secrets- make a day of it- you won't regret going! They also have lots of picnic tables and charcoal grill here for use.” –Brittany M.
      • “Tubing at Dan river is fun too and it's by hanging rock” –Samantha R.
      • “Hanging Rock State Park (about an hour from Greensboro) has some lovely waterfalls that aren't very far to hike to. Also, they have a lake you can swim in afterwards. It is one of my favorite places to hike! The Rock itself is great, but it is a 1 mile each way hike and really steep at the end - probably not a good first hike. We have been walking to the waterfalls since my daughter was about 3.” –Susan L.
      • “I was coming here to suggest Hanging Rock! It's a pleasant drive and we took our kids last summer when they were 2 and 3.5 and they both loved it!” –Amanda R.
    • High Point City Lake Park (Jamestown, NC)
      • "It's not IN Greensboro, but it's still one of our favorites... trips to City Lake Park when the rides are open!" - Cathleen B.
      • “I love taking my 2 boys to City Lake Park in Jamestown, NC. The playground is fantastic. My 3 year old is able to climb, slide, jump, and have a great time. While my 1 year old can play too. They have rides (carousel, train, boat, golf). The rides are great!  This is a great kid activity/destination." - Katharine W.
      • "City Lake Park in high point has a huge playground, train ride, carousel, lake, mini-golf, pavilions, and a pool!" - Tara R.
    • Pilot Mountain
      • "Hanging Rock and Pilot Mountain are both pretty close and good hikes for families." - Becky L.
    • Triad Park (Kernersville, NC)
      • "I like triad park personally. I know it's far, but they have multiple play grounds...walking trails and picnic/grill areas. They also have a large field for the kiddos to run in. Any type of stuff for outdoors would be good. Just make sure they (adults) bring lounge chairs and a blanket. They have plenty of shade at TP as well. The playgrounds are a bit spread out but there are two clost together that will suit smaller children." - Teresa B.
  • Read a guest post about Burlington City Park
Sporting Events
  • Greensboro Grasshoppers
    • “The Greensboro Grasshoppers games are always a good time, and they offer discounts some nights for tickets or food." - Chris T.
    • “Greensboro grasshopper games are fun.” –Michelle O.
  • High Point-Thomasville HiToms Baseball
    • “Hi Tom's for summer college ball in Thomasville” –Teri P.
  • Roller Derby
    • “Also, check out roller derby! www.facebook.com/GreensboroRollerDerby” -Michelle O.

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