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Best of Greensboro - Birthdays

Birthday Party Locations

Area Parks
  • “Country park. Barber park has the spray ground that lets you rent the spray ground and shelter for parties.” –Michelle M.
  • “We always rent shelter #1 at bur-mil when we do park parties, but keep in mind that guilford county parks (like bur-mil) are much more expensive to rent than city parks.” –Angelyn N.
  • “Hagan Stone and City Lake park both have great shelters with adjacent playgrounds” –Ashley W.

  • “Art quest.” –Amanda L.
  • “Art quest or Greensboro Ballet are both affordable & unique options” –Dianna P.
  • “We've had several ArtQuest parties and loved them!!” –Carey R.
  • “We LOVE Artquest, a friend recently had her 6 yo's birthday there and everyone had a great time. I think it's not super expensive ($100 but I don't know if that is a member price or regular price)” –Leah S.

Build a Bear
  • “Build a bear never gets old. $50 to reserve. Then you get to pick the amount you want to spend per child. We easily beat about $100-150 tops. And the $50 goes towards that.” –Kelli F.

Bumper Jumpers
  • "I like Bumper Jumpers on High point road. They're also putting in a trampoline park next door. EPIC!" - Michele T.
  • “Bumper Jumpers High Point rd. Reasonable rates and kids leave exhausted...they have rooms for parties and pizza etc!” –Brenda D.

Children’s Museum
  • “The children's museum is pretty cool and has something for various ages.” –Diane B.
  • “The children's museum and the natural science center both do parties.” –Amy J.
  • “Children's museum is under that budget. Would be good for your age range. Also party rooms are large and private.” –Meghan S.

Chuck E Cheese
  • "We have used Chuck E Cheese for our son's birthday party for 3 years now. They provide the food and tokens for the kids, all I needed to do was bring cake. The pricing is pretty reasonable too! Kids always have fun!" - Jennie K.

  • “feeneys frozen yogurt has parties.” –Emily F.

Greensboro Science Center
  • “The children's museum and the natural science center both do parties.” –Amy J.

Hampton Inn
  • “Hampton inn in advance it has a water slide indoors. We have done our kids party there. Renting a room is cheap and we got pizza and stuff in pool area it was super fun!” –Michelle F.

Ice House
  • "Doing a cook out at a park it's always fun and cheap, just rent a shelter. Also you can rent out skate land and I can't remember the price on that but it's between $100-200 or a party at the ice house. I have my son's 5th birthday at the Ice House and he loved it" - Susan C.

The Mad Platter
  • “The mad platter you can set your own budget. It was $20 for the room for 2 hours plus the firing fee for the pottery. You choose a price limit on the pottery the kids paint. Min of 6 kids. We had out sons party there this past Aug” –Jennifer H.
  • “The Mad Platter for some pottery making though I am not sure how expensive it is. But it's something different. I've heard they do great birthdays. Best wishes for an amazing celebration.” –Audra A.

Parties 2 Dye 4
  • "Parties 2 Dye 4 - The kids get to make their own vibrant tie-dyes. The colors in the shirts stay bright for a long time. They also get to make tie dye cupcakes!" - Tori M.
  • “www.Parties2dye4.com fun bus will come to your location! “ -Jillian R.

Proehlific Park Gym
  • "Proehlific park was great for my 5 yr old son. And a great crew. Cake and all!" - Julia D.

Safari Nation
  • "Safari Nation on West Market does an excellent job! They have an excellent staff!" - Debra B.

  • “We did Skateland for our 9 year old in April. She loved it! Pretty reasonable prices too!” –Natalie T.

Spare Time
  • “spare time on hornaday rd lazertag & bowling there” –Vonda W.
  • “Spare Time has bowling, laser tag and arcade packages for birthday parties!” –Becky S.
  • “Spare Time is super fun!” –Megan M.

  • “The ladies at Sprouts in high point do a great job! We love them but I am not sure what your budget is - their website has a lot of info and you can email them too - they do themes and the gift bags and all the games so all we bring is the cake and ourselves - love it and I get to enjoy it!” –Carissa M.

  • "If $$ isn't an issue then have it at the Tumblebees rock climbing gym - it's lots of fun." - Theresa S.

Cake Makers

A Sweet Mess
  • “A sweet mess by Tracy Barrow” –Sarah C.

Cakes By B.
  • “I would strongly suggest Cakes By B. Her cakes are beautiful AND delicious.” –Heather M.

Cakes by Kim
  • "Cakes by Kim" - Michelle J.

Cheesecakes by Alex
  • “Cheesecakes by Alex, downtown Greensboro.” –Heather E.

Clara Marie’s
  • "Clara marie's! They are beautiful and delicious" - Jaime B.

  • "Delicious!" - Anna B. 
  • “delicious bakery can make almost anything!" - Becky T. 

Easy Peasy
  • “Easy peasy on battleground - so good! I've provided pictures both times and they have been excellent! “ –Caroline H.

Individual Bakers
  • “Look up Donna Cockman on face book ages great reasonable prices and cakes taste great!!! Look under her photos” –Vonda W.
  • “Www.facebook.com/ilonasbakes
 She works out of her home, does an amazing job, & has great prices. I highly recommend her to everyone!” –Jessica H.
  • “Laura-Kaye Sumners Norman makes amazing bakery creations!!” –Nikki P.
  • "Lindley Birchmore Worley has an amazing cupcake business out of her home...Cakes for a Cause! Supporting a stay at home Mom + a local small business + she donates a portion of her profits to charity...3 awesome things!" - Rhiannon M. 
  • “Robin Ann Westmoreland and Beth Dawson are amazing” –Kayla R.

Lulu’s Cakes
  • "Lulu's Cakes" - Michelle J. 

Kakes by Kelly
  • “Kakes by Kelly is amazing! Beautiful cakes and they always taste great.” –Tabitha L.

Ketchie Creek
  • “Ketchie Creek” –Donna L.

Krecek Cakes and Angel Konfections
  • “Kristen and Dan Krecek at Krecek Cakes and Angel Konfections are really good and can do custom cakes. https://www.facebook.com/AngelKonfections” –Grace P.

Maxie B’s
  • "Maxie B's" - Michelle J. 
  • “Or Maxie B's Bakery, also Greensboro” –Heather E.

The Sophisticated Cupcake 
  • "The Sophisticated Cupcake is amazing - absolutely delicious! Find them on facebook. You can get the cupcakes at the big farmer's market off Sandy Ridge on weekends. " - Amber P.

Spring Garden Bakery
  • “Spring Garden Bakery can make delicious vegan cakes--they did our wedding!” –Lindsey F.

Sweet Brennan's
  • "You should contact Jessica at Sweet Brennan's. She has a Sweet Brennan's FB page and her number is 336-402-2801. Her cakes are awesome and priced well." - Caroline B.


Bears, Balloons, and Beyond
  • “Bears balloons and beyond of new garden” –Bernetta T.

Bricks 4 Kidz
  • “Bricks 4 Kidz has a Minifigure costume that kids love for their parties at the Nussbaum Center or mobile birthday parties” –Catherine M.

Face Painting
  • “http://www.paintsavvy.com”  –Leila E.
  • “Katy Lupton Combs has done numerous parties for us and is GREAT!” (face painting) –Megan M.
  • “Gourdgeous Designs” –Tori M.

Tale As Old As Time

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  1. We had my daughters at Bumper Jumpers and everyone had a blast - Julie F.


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