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Best of Greensboro - Doctors and Healthcare

  • Allergy and Asthma Center of Greensboro
    • “Allergy and Asthma Center of Greensboro” –Robin P.
  • Dr. Bhatti
    • “Dr. Bhatti is wonderful!” –Denise G.
  • Lebaurer Allergy and Asthma
    • “Lebauer” –Shelby E.
    • “I second lebaurer allergy” –Vonda W.
    • “I know that Dr. Sharma does peds smile emoticon Erick goes there and he says there are kids there all the time!” –Jill H.
    • “Love dr Sharma for our whole family!!” –Jamie B.
    • "I was going to say Dr. Sharma is great. What they do you they have all the items that your daughter could be allergic to such as milk, eggs, shell fish, i think pollen, grass and more. Its been awhile since my son did his. But they take each on and prick on the back. Then have to sit there for say 10-20 mins then they come back and if any of them have a reaction that is what she is allergic to. The nurse said to still still and try not to scratch might be itchy My son was really young so at that age it is hard to tell, but if your daughter is older than 2 it would show" - Cameron R.
    • "My sons have been seeing Dr. Sharma (LeBaur Allergy and Asthma) and they love him. I like him because he takes time with them and talks to me in simple terms. I called once with a concern and he didn't get off the phone until I was calmed down. He has a very patient spirit. And the staff is AWESOME!" - Yolana S.
    • "My family goes to Drs. Whelan and Sharma at LeBauer. They are the best." - Rachel W.
    • "Lebauer allergy and asthma is awesome for kids and adults alike. Dr meg whelan is great with the kids. Dr Sharma is the best for adults!" - Jaime B.
    • “Dr Van Winkle” –Melissa T.
    • “Dr van winkle is great- used to be a pediatrician.” –Heather N.
    • “Dr. van Winkle is amazing.” –Julie J.
    • “Dr. VanWinkle at Lebauer Allergy is good.” –Emily B.
    • “We also see Dr Van Winkle. He is patient and thorough. He also answered all of my questions and I had a ton. The nurse was very kind and that helped make a tough test a little bit easier. “ –Karen J.
    • “LaBauer Dr. Whalen she is amazing” –Kristine M.
    • “Our whole family sees Dr. Whelan and we love her. we started seeing her 8 years ago for my son's food allergies.” –Jeanne S.
    • “Another for Dr Whalen” –Kelly N.
    • "I love Dr. Whelan at LeBauer Allergy and Asthma. I have been going there for over 10 years and now all three of my boys are patients too." - Tammy M.
    • "My family goes to Drs. Whelan and Sharma at LeBauer. They are the best." - Rachel W.
    • "Lebauer allergy and asthma is awesome for kids and adults alike. Dr meg whelan is great with the kids. Dr Sharma is the best for adults!" - Jaime B.

Dentists (Pediatric)

Dr. Applebaum (with Greensboro Center for Pediatric Dentistry)
  • “Dr Applebaum is AMAZING! My kids look forward to their dentist appointments!” –Mari A.
  • “Dr. Applebaum and the staff are great!” –Amanda R.
  • “We've been going there for 8 years. My 9 year old and 3 year old love Dr. Applebaum and really look forward to their appointments!” –Kelly M.
  • "We use Dr. Applebaum at the same practice!" - Kendra S. 
  • "We also use Dr. Applebaum with the same practice." - Tori M. 
  • “Both my kids are very happy there [Greensboro Center for Pediatric Dentistry ]. They look forward to their appointments, and one of my kids has an anxiety disorder, so I feel that says something. They see Dr. Applebaum. All our appointments have been on time. Hope that helps.” –Kendra S.
Dr. Goldenberg (with Greensboro Center for Pediatric Dentistry)
  • “Love that place.  Dr Goldenberg is great!” –Leslie W.
  • “Ours sees Goldenberg. They were very good with my spirited 2 yr old. My boys are extremely friendly so I was really only worried about her” –Teresa B.
  • “Love Dr Goldenberg!” –Alison D.
  • "Dr. Goldenburg at Center for Pediatric Dentistry!!" - Jaime B. 
  • "Love Goldenberg...." - Tiffany H.
Lake Jeanette Pediatric Dentristry
  • “We LOVE Lake Jeanette Pediatric Dentistry for our kids. They are fabulous!!!” –Kristine M.
  • “we took him to lake Jeanette and they were amazing!!!! Ms. Naomi and Dr. Andrews were so gentle and awesome with him. He even let them use the actual equipment with him which has never been possible. There was only one small meltdown that was handled so quickly and that's huge since he has had to be strapped down just to use a toothbrush before.” –Carmen M.
  • "We have two, for major work we go to Lake Jeanette but for routine we go to Carolina Smiles." - Cristi S.
  • "We go to Lake Jeanette Pediatric Dentist on N. Elm. Dr Mike is like the Mr. Rogers of teeth" - April D. 
Dr. Pierce (with Greensboro Center for Pediatric Dentistry)
  • “We love Dr. Pierce!’ –Emily T.
  • "Dr. Pierce at Pediatric Dentistry. All the dentists there are good and his cousins go there too." - Tamela E.
  • “We have had a great experience there, and have never been asked not to go back with any of my 3 children. They have offered for the children to go on their own, and after a certain age when I feel my child is completely comfortable I have no problem with that. But if I feel my child isn't ready, then I have been able to go back with no issues. 
We see Dr. Kate Pierce and she is WONDERFUL.” –Carey R.

Dentist (Family)
Atlantis Dentistry
  • “Atlantis dentistry on church street” –Seon K.
Dr. Bray
  • “My husband sees dr bray in high point. Deep river dental He was originally seen as an emergency patient and like it there so much he's continued to be seen there” –Charity G.
Dr. Chabot
  • “I just saw Dr Chabot on Brassfield last week and loved them.” –Wendy F.
Carolina Smiles
  • "We have two, for major work we go to Lake Jeanette but for routine we go to Carolina Smiles." - Cristi S.
Dr. Cashon
  • "Dr Scott Cashion! The best! 2700 Henry St." - Sheila B.
Dr. Civils
  • “Dr. Janna Civils is the best!” –Valentina A.
Dr. Cobbs
  • “Dr. Cobb and his staff are great.” –Sherry V.
  • “Dr Cobb on oakcrest they are awesome” –Ceilitia M.
  • “we use Cobb as well…My son loves going to the dentist and they are pretty quick and on schedule.” –Crystal F.
  • “Dr.Cobbs off battleground in Oakcrest ave. His excellent and take medicare. He specializes in kids. We've had a wonderful experience with him, my kid even lost his fear of dentist. I recommend him with my eyes close.” –Bennely C.
Friendly Dentistry
  • “Friendly Dentist is 
awsome!!! They are on Friendlyy Ave towards downtown” –Melissa E.
  • “Friendly Dentistry. I don't know if they see emergency patients but I adore Dr. Wilkinson, He's fast and I felt nothing when I had to have a cavity filled (just yesterday!)” –Sabre S.
Dr. Hartzell
  • “Dr Hartzell off penny rd and wendover/palladium area” –Megan K.
Dr. Johnson
  • “Dr Luke Johnson in the friendly Holden building saw me last minute when I broke a tooth” –Carla C.
Dr. Miller
  • "We love Dr. Miller!" - Jeni P. 
  • "Dr Edward Miller on Cornwallis Dr" - Jenilyn S. 
Dr. Novak
  • “Dr Novak is awesome. He is in that area. He is a family practice. My entire family goes to him. Even my now 5 yr old started going to him at 3. Great guy and based on our experiences very honest. Won't recommend anything you don't need like some dentist do to make $$.” –Emily P.
Dr. Redd
  • “Redd off of New Garden takes Medicaid and you can go back with them. Love their one on one care.” –Shelby E.
Dr. Silva
  • “I think Dr. Silva on Lee St does, that's where my girls and I go and I've been very happy there.” –Becky L.
Summer Field Family Dentistry
  • “Just switched to Summerfield Family Dentistry, and they're great so far.” –Kelly B.
  • “I second summer field family dentistry. They are absolutely amazing, been taking aiden there since he was 1. They are also customers of ours lol but honestly I used to be terrified of the dentist, couldn't even walk in the office, but after going to them, I'm completely okay going now.” –Jessica R.
  • “Dr Weston at summer field allows u to go back.. Dr Ben Weston & his wife jenny are both great” –Vonda W.
Dr. Szott
  • “Margaret Szott. We love her!!! She is on Elm near Pisgah Church.” –Dawn D.
Dr. Thomas
  • “I just started going to Patricia Thomas (behind cookout headquarters) in Adams Farm, she is great!” –Angela S.


Dr. Cathcart (with Skin Surgery Center)
  • “Dr. Cathcart at Skin Surgery Center off Battleground & Brassfield is AMAZING. I love her!” –Emiy C.
  • “Cathcart is great!” –Jenny J.
  • “Another vote for Dr. Cathcart” –Sabre S.
Chapel Hill/UNC Dermatology
  • “We were sent to Chapel Hill to UNC Dermatology - Dr. Morrell. We love him! He knows what he is doing.” –Holly H.
  • “Love the one at chapel hill.” –Heather M.
  • “Ditto to UNC Chapel Hill, Dr. Morrell” –Dabney P.
  • “Dr. Morrell at UNC” –Denise G.
Dr. Gruber (with Dermatology Specialists of Greensboro)
  • “Dermatology Specialists of Greensboro...
Dr Hope Gruber” –Colleen S.
  • “Gruber or Gould dermatology specialists of Greensboro” –Jillian R.
Dr. Karen Gould (with Dermatology Specialists of Greensboro)
  • “I have used Dr. Karen Gould - not specifically for acne, but annual checkups and mole removals. Very attentive and takes plenty of time with me when i have questions.” –Amy B.
  • “I second Gould” –Anum H.
  • “My mom see Dr Gould as well for skin cancer now resolved.” –Sarah C.
  • “Dr. Karen Gould here, too. Very nice, patient, attentive.” –Michal O.
  • “Gruber or Gould dermatology specialists of Greensboro” -Jillian R.
  • “Dr Gould.....she's fabulous!!!! Dermatology Specialist” –Melissa T.
  • “LOVED Dr Gould today. Just left her office and actually had a surgical procedure. Most painless one I've ever had done and I have been to 3 different dermatologists.”-Heather L.
Dr. Jones
  • “I went to dan jones in Greensboro off cone for accutane” –Ann M
  • “I second Dr. Jones as well super doc when dealing with acne” –Katelyn S.
Dr. Jordan (with Dermatology Specialists of Greensboro)
  • “Dr Amy Jordan at Greensboro dermatology. she is great!” –Lorrie S.
  • “Dr. Jordan @ Greensboro Dermatology” –Valentina A.
Dr. Lupton
  • “Dr. Lupton on Yanceyville st. Been going to him for over 20 yrs. The best!” –Rita G.
  • “lupton” –Laura H.
  • “Lupton and Jan Johnson” –Paula L.
  • “We've been happy with Dr. Lupton on Yanceyville.” –Nancy K.
Dr. McConnell
  • “I see Dr. McConnell (the office is on Wendover near Grecade St) - she caught melanoma very early and has been on top of it since then (2007). Highly recommend her!” –Becky L.
Dr. Smith
  • “We use dr smith in kernersville” –Denise C.
Dr. Steinhelfer
  • “I love Dr Steinhelfer at Greensboro Derm!” –Cameron W.
Dr. Stuart Tafeen (with Carolina Dermatology Center)
  • “I have personal experience with Dr. Stuart Tafeen. He practices at Carolina Dermatology Center. The # is 346-282-1414. He was really good with my toddler, did the skin testing we needed and did timely follow-up.” –Tracy B.
  • “Dr. Tafeen” –Shannon H.
  • “I second Tafeen if you want to stay in town. He was my dermatologist 20 something years ago as a kid” –Denise G.


Birth Days Doula Services
  • "I would like to nominate Birthdays doula…I would like to nominate this business because Becky Hale (the doula) is awesome to work with. She was my doula for my last birth. I went into preterm labor at 28 weeks. She stopped what she was doing and came to the hospital even though we did not expect her too. I was them put on bed rest. She checked on my very regularly to make sure I and my husband were doing okay. When I did go into labor she met us at the hospital. It was do nice to have her there to ofer the extra support. She was very positive and helpful through the whole process. I really feel that she deserves to be included in the directory." -Danielle P.
Deandra Fleckenstein
  • "Deandra Elaine Fleckenstein she was absolutely amazing during my birth. And I don't think I would have been able to do it without her wonderful support!" - Kara F. 
Efference Doula Services
  • "Tequita Scott Williamson and Lauren Guy (Efference Doula Services) are both amazing...would highly recommend!" -Meagan V.
  • “Tequita Williamson! She's incredible- my husband and I adore her and she was very affordable (less than 700-- maybe 500?) but worth her weight in gold.” –Shannon A.
Greensboro Birth Partners
  • "Greensboro birth partners!" - Elizabeth H.
  • "Greensboro Birth Partners! We used Mary Davis Kerrigan and loved her." - Lauren M.
Jaqueline Messick
  • "Jacqueline Pierce Messick is fabulous!! I highly recommend her!" - Melissa L.
Jessica Pace
  • “Jessica Johnson Pace is amazing to work with. I don't know how I would have made it through my crazy labor and both without her and Chelsea Gherkin” –Charae T.
Kerry Stevens
  • "Kerry Brenner Stevens and her backup doula Jennifer were total troopers during my 55 hour labor!" - Lindsey F. 
The Labor Ladies
  • “both Kimberly and Kayla are in my practice. I can't get to my others folder yet, but you can find more about them at www.thelaborladies.com” –Jamilla W.
  • “my doula is AMAZING!!!!! She would love to hear from you. KimberlyandJonathan Hassler” –Keri J.
Natural Baby Doulas
  • “We took the natural child birth class with Sarah Carter, doula and owner of Natural Baby Happy Family. She was fabulous and taught us the Bradley method. http://www.naturalbabyhappyfamily.com/” –Sarah P.
  • “I also highly recommend the Bradley class with Carrie Rosenbloom Moran or Sarah Pikett Carter! We took our class from Carrie, and she is an incredible teacher. The Bradley method is very empowering to both mom and dad. Carrie is fantastic at communicating the importance of a good coach and helping define that role and providing opportunities to practice this role throughout the pregnancy. Sarah was our doula and she was the best! I can't say enough positive things about these two ladies!! So thankful we met them!” –Jenni B.
  • “It is more geared to natural childbirth and having the husband/partner as an informed coach. Carrie Rosenbloom Moran is a Bradley instructor and doula.” –Katheryn S.
Triad Birth Doula
  • "Triad Birth Doula" - Lauren E.

Ear, Nose, and Throat

Greensboro ENT
  • “Dr bates at gboro ent . Or Dr taeo” –Vonda W.
  • “Dr bates at ear nose and throat, just did our third set of tubes!!:)” –Margaret L.
  • “Dr Byers at Greensboro Ear Nose and Throat” –Megan S.
  • “Dr. Rosen at Greensboro ENT. ” –Melanie D.
  • “Dr Shoemaker is great!!” –Melissa T.
  • “Dr. Teoh” –Nairobi D.
  • “Dr. Teoh!!!” –Neena M.
  • “Dr Teoh. Greensboro. Awesome !” –Rebekah D.
  • “Dr Teoh has done [tubes in ears for] both girls and his wife works for the speech company that Madisyn receives therapy! Great couple.” –Nikki M.
  • “Dr. Teoh is great! My son had to have tubes at 7mos” –Katelyn S.
  • “Dr teoh!! Absolutely amazing! Informative compassionate intelligent .gives undivided attention” –Hollyn E.
Dr. Kraus
  • “We love love love Dr Kraus! He did my son's tubes and did a fabulous job. I also work in peds and we refer just about everyone to him as well.” –Anum H.
  • “Dr kraus!!!!! Amazing!!!” –Jaime B.
  • “Dr Kraus!” –Colleen S.
  • “Dr Kraus!!!!” –Kathy R.
  • “Dr Kraus. My son had tubes at 7 months. Did a great job!!” –Emily P.
Dr. McQuirt
  • “McQuirt...he really takes the time to listen, not pushy, great bed side manner.” –Denise G.
  • “I second Dr. McQuirt. He is amazing!” –Danielle R.
Piedmont ENT
  • “Piedmont Ent is great.” –Charity G.

General/Family Doctors

  • "We had a bad experience with eagle also now we go to cornerstone on wendover and my girls pediatrician is in same practice/building! Love cornerstone health" - Stephanie D. 
  • "Another vote for Cornerstone at Premier off 68. All the providers are really nice and they have every thing you need under one roof from obgyn to speciality doctors. The pediatricians are amazing too! We love Dr. Tasha Dial for the kids." - Megan M.
Eagle Physicians
  • "I see Dr. Victoria Rankin @ Eagle. I have been very pleased." - Cristi S.  
  • “Eagle's physican or walk in clinic on Dolley Madison" - Dawn L. 
  • "We are fans of Dr. Sun at Eagle Family Medicine on W Market. But the whole Eagle franchise seems to be great. We have BCBS" - Kathryn C. 
  • "we go to to Eagle too on Tannenbaum... BUT, we haven't had AS good of an experience. Seems to be some time to get a call back. be persistent! We go to Dr Walsh at Tannenbaum and go to Eagle OBGYN as well" - Jill H. 
  • "I see the PA at Eagle at new garden. I know her last name is Willard. I really like her and this is coming from someone who dislikes doctors. She spends a lot of time answering questions and doesn't want you to leave unsatisfied." - Heather 
  • "My general dr is Dr. Bruce buchette with eagle on brassfield. He is great but plan to wait they always seem to run behind in that office." - Megan M
  • "Our whole family sees Dr. Reade at Eagle at Triad. We all love him." - Kristine L. 
Greensboro Family Practice
  • "Dr. Knapp out of (I think) Greensboro Family Practice. It's on Yanceyville St. in Greensboro." - Heather C. 
  • "Dr James John at LeBauer in Greensboro is great!" - Catie H. 
The Lotus Center
  • "We take our infant, now actually toddler to The Lotus Center to see Michele Salinas, she is not a Dr. she is a L.Ac., Dipl, OM, RN and specializes in traditional Chinese Medicine including herbs, acupuncture, cupping, and more! They are very affordable and do not take insurance. They are wonderful to work with, our whole family goes there to see Michele! I highly recommend them." - Jade C. 
Pleasant Garden Family Medicine
  • "I go to pleasent garden family medicine and i love it" - Brooke S. 
Dr. Schoenhoff (with Moses Cone Women’s Clinic)
  • "Dr. Deborah Schoenhoff at the moses cone women's clinic off 68 at Willard Dairy Rd is awesome! She's internal medicine & can also coordinate other specialists for you." - Ashley J. 
  • "Deborah Schoenhoff, MD" - Valentina A. 
Summer Field Family
  • "We go to summer field family in summer field. They are cornerstone now but we like it there." - Rebekah D. 
Urgent Med.
  • "Urgent Med - Both their family practice & urgent care is wonderful." - Heather F. 


Central Carolina OB-BYN
  • "I've gone to Central Carolina OB-GYN with my two babies, I like that they have midwives!" - April S.
  • "I loved my experience with the midwives at Central Carolina." - Jennifer A.
  • "The Midwives and Doctors at Central Carolina OBGYN are EXCELLENT " - Jillian R.
  • "The midwives at Central Carolina OBGYN delivered both of my boys and I cannot say enough good things about them!!" - Kim B.
  • "I also love the midwives and doctors at Central Carolina Ob-Gyn. They are fantastic!" - Ashley J.
  • "Central Carolina doctors and midwives delivered my two boys and aided me through a miscarriage. I have the highest praise for them. Run by a husband/wife team of doctors, they are as conscientious as they should be and as attentive as you want them to be. Exceptional practice. Every woman I have referred them to has loved them." - Jeni P.
  • "Central Carolina obgyn has great doctors and midwifes" - Danielle H.
  • "I was a high risk pregnancy: over 40., overweight, high bp, type 2 diabetes, full time stressful job, and first baby. The docs at Central Carolina OBGYN took such good care of me that instead of having a large baby, my son was born at the 10th percentile, which is the very lowest number on the normal weight scale. Since I had no carbs during my pregnancy, and ate ONLY meat and veggies he came out slum and muscular, in other words, perfect, and now at almost 3.5 years, I know his mind and emotional/social health is pretty damn well perfect too. I highly recommend the four female and one male doc at that practice....write me or message me for my phone #and I can fill in the gaps if you'd like..." - Traci C.
  • "Like traci and others have said, Central Carolina obgyn. I saw the midwives during pregnancy, and the dr in the hospital after having a diagnosis of eclampsia/HELLP. I can't say enough good things. I wanted to experience what my body was designed to do by having an unmediated birth. The midwives supported and worked with us so that could happen safely for me and baby. They are so respectful there." - Elizabeth H.
  • "Another vote for Central Carolina! I went the midwife/water birth route, and they were super supportive. Wish we lived here for my first so we could have had that experience. I totally felt like Central Carolina trusted my body and instincts, and let me do my thing." - Heather M.
  • "Central Carolina is wonderful. All of the staff are knowledgable, kind, and compassionate." - Bethany M.
  • "Central Carolina OBGYN. I saw the midwives there after watching the documentary The Business of Being Born and switching from a large OBGYN practice with a high C section rate.I labored in a birth pool and delivered on land. The midwives were so empowering and supportive!" - Jade C.
  • “Central Carolina obgyn. They saved my life and my son's.” –Sheena V.
Eagle OB-GYN
  • "Eagle Physicans OB/GYN (located in front of Cone Hospital) - Dr. Tara Cole" - Aisha H.
  • “Dr Cole @ Eagle OBGYN” –Colleen S.
  • "I go to Eagle OBGYN. Dr. Evelyn Varnardo. LOVE her! Shes wonderful!" - Jill H.
  • "Dr Varnado! I think she was said to be at Eagle now? She was at Triad womens last Feb when I got pregnant. " - Jerri M.
Green Valley OB-GYN
  • "Green Valley OB/GYN, Dr. Michelle Horvath. She's fabulous! She delivered my twins and performed another surgery on me. Was totally there when I needed her. Even stayed with me after the surgery when my husband had to be home with the kids because she could tell I needed someone. She is my friend when I need her to be, but my doctor first." - Chris. C.
  • "Love Dr. Horvath too!" - Jenni H.
  • "My 2nd & 3rd child, I was at Green Valley OBGYN & had 2 different doctors deliver, Dr. Kaplan & Dr. Horvath. Dr. Horvath actually had to perform a c-section. I would highly recommend Green Valley OBGYN, Dr. Horvath was awesome!!!" - Charla C.
  • "I love all the women at Green Valley OB/GYN! Dr. Kendra Ross delivered my son and I've had very positive experiences with everyone else in the practice!" - Becca A.
  • “Green valley OB/GYN. Dr silva.” –Davis E.
  • “Dr. Kendra Ross at green valley obgyn is amazing.” –Beverly H.
High Point OB-GYN
  • "High Point OBGYN is AWESOME!" - Katie H.
Physicians for Women
  • "Physicians for Women on Green Valley." - Cristi S.
  • "Make that two votes for Physicians for Women!" - Courtney W.
  • "Three votes for Physicians for Women." - Amy S.
  • “I loved Physicians for Women. Dr. Adkins all the way.” –Krista C.
  • “Dr Tomlin physicians for women!” –Kristen F.
  • “like Physicians for Women. Drs Adkins, Grewal, and Morris are female and I got along well with all of them.” –Dawn H.
Pinewest OB-GYN
  • "I love my doctor at Pinewest OBGYN...Dr. O'Keefe. It is in High Point but the quality of care is awesome!" - Alison R.
  • “Pinewest in high point is nice. It's in the complex where high point regional hospital is.” –Holly D.
Wendover OB-GYN
  • "Tanya Bailey is a midwife at Wendover OB/GYN. She took excellent care of me and my son during my pregnancy. She is wonderful!!" - Megan B.
  • “Wendover OB/GYN (specifically Tanya Bailey and the other midwives) does a great job. Tanya is extremely well-versed in breastfeeding support from a midwife's perspective. I've referred clients to her FOR breastfeeding issues and have yet to be disappointed.” –Jamilla W.
  • "I love Wendover OB-GYN. Tanya Bailey is awesome. Taavon is amazing. Love lavoie." - Julie M.
  • "Wendover OBGYN - Dr Cousins is great - she's a little no holds bar blunt sometimes, but I trust her completely!" - Debra B.
  • “Wendover OBGYN. I go to Dr Cousins; I love her but some people are put off (she's a bit brash). But every doctor there is fabulous. And they have two midwives as well.” –Leslie W.
  • "Wendover OBGYN. Dr. Cousins! She's awesome!" - Sara H.
  • "Wendover OB/GYN Dr Cousins(if she is accepting patients! She's typically full!!) I heard Dr Taavon was good too though!!" - Lynette T.
  • “what Dr cousins said to my sister I can not repeat on social media but I will say I laughed for days! "Bit brash" is an understatement but she is a hoot. Dr Tavoon was my doctor. All the doctors at wendover are very skilled” –Darlene H.
  • “I really like Fogleman at Wendover, I've seen Mody too and have liked her” –Rebecca G.
  • “Fogleman is my Dr but Mody ended up delivering my last baby. Love them both. They listened to all my concerns and were very attentive to my needs.” –Angela C.
  • "Wendover OBGYN any physician Dr. Lavoie has been wonderful though" - Sally G.
  • “Dr.Mody or Dr. lavoie at Wendover Obgyn. Each one delivered one of my boys. Love them.” –Katharine W.
  • “Dr. Mody at Wendover OBGYN“ –Valentina A.
  • "Wendover OB GYN. Dr. Travoon. My sister in law just had her second daughter on valentines day" - Adam K.
  • "Wendover OBGYN...great experience with two high risk births of 32/33 week premies. Can't recommend Taavon enough." - Tiffany H.
  • "Wendover obgyn dr taavon is amazing! If it wasnt for him i dont think i would have been able to have children. Now i have 3 beautiful little girls!" - Stephanie D.
  • "Wendover OBGYN" - Celeste K.


Battleground Eye Care
  • “I've been seeing Dr Scott at battleground eye for several years” –I-Li B.
  • “Dr. Scott. Battleground Eye Care” –Susan H.
  • “I love battleground eye care next to herbies, but I'm not sure if that's nw enough. It's Dr. Jon Scott.” –Jennifer D.
  • "Check with battleground eye care. The doctor there is really good with eye injuries.” –Wendy F.
  • "I go to Costco for my eye doctor, but my kids go to Koala" - Michelle P.
  • “I go to Dr. Palmer at Costco.” –Becky L.
  • “Dr. Palmer at costco she is the greatest !” –Jessica R.
Fox Eyecare
  • “Dr. Jones at Fox Eyecare at Friendly Center is great.” –Ed. C.
Koala Eye
  • "Koala Eye on Green Valley" - Becca K. 
  • "I go to Costco for my eye doctor, but my kids go to Koala" - Michelle P.
  • “My son saw Dr. Spencer at Koala Eye Centre (yes, spelled the English way) for a blocked tear duct. He specializes in pediatrics and is an ophthalmologist as well. His website states that they take Medicaid.” –Elizabeth S.
Miller Vision
  • “Miller Vision on Lawndale in GSO.” –Kelley B.
  • “Millers Vision on Lawndale.” –Cassie D.
  • “Sally Miller at Miller Vision” –Suzanne B.
  • “Miller vision in Greensboro now has a doc that specializes in kids. Great family owned practice.” –Jillian R.
Oman Eye Care
  • “Heather Oman, Oman Eye Care Battleground and Corwallis” –Heather C.
  • “we love oman as well” –Jill H.
Triad Eye Care Center (multiple locations)
  • “My whole family goes to triad eye center. The doctors and staff are great. “ –Charity G.
  • “We love triad eye on new garden.” –Jamie B.
  • “Dr Koup at Triad Eye Center on Lees Chapel is great!” –Jill C.
  • “Triad Eye Center on Piscah Church Road!!! They are phenomenal there!!!” –Melissa E.
Dr. Young (Pediatric Opthalmologist)
  • “Big props for Dr Young.” –Karen W.
  • “Dr young in greensboro. He specializes in Peds.” –Megan Key
  • “We went to dr young. He's awesome. Great with kids and super nice. Easy to talk to as a parent too..” –Leslie W.
  • “We switched to Dr Young and he has been wonderful. He is not super chatty or friendly, but he is polite and gets us in and out quickly” –Emily P.
  • “my son has been seeing dr young for over 2 and a half years & like others have said he doesn't have a super friendly personality but he's still been nice to my kids & can diagnose eye problems in just seconds.... the staff there are all very friendly & helpful too” –Samantha R.
  • “We refer to Dr Young! He's great” –Anum H.
  • “Dr young is great” –Mary A.
  • “Dr young is fab” –Angelyn N.
  • “Paul is a tech, not an optometrist. Though he is great with kids! Dr young is brilliant, just not very personable.” –Casie S.


Dr. Boette (with Greensboro Children’s Doctor)
  • "Dr. Boette at Greensboro Children's Doctor has been wonderfully supportive of my family and children, and allows me to make decisions for my children's health that may not be the norm or standard." - Amy S.
  • "Dr. Boette: Greensboro Children's Doctor. :)" - Kendra S.
Carolina Pediatrics of the Triad
  • “Dr cooper at Carolina pediatrics” –Jenilyn S.
  • “Dr. Cooper at Carolina Pediatrics…Carolina Pediatrics is wonderful.” ” –Lindsay S.
  • “We see doctor Keiffer at Carolina pediatrics and we love her. They have Saturday and Sunday hours which we have often been thankful for!!” –Jenni F.
  • "Carolina pediatrics. We see dr Melissa Lowe” –Heather L.
  • "Dr. Sumner - Carolina Pediatrics of the Triad" - Lori P.
  • "Dr. Sumner - Carolina Pediatrics of the Triad" - Cathleen B.
  • “Dr. Summer at Carolina pediatrics” –Carmen M.
  • “Dr. Williams is our Ped. She is the sweetest. We adore her. Declare is also awesome. Both are respectful and take their time.” –Maria S.
  • “Try Carolina peds it's near downtown or guilford child health” –Krystal P.
Greensboro Pediatrics
  • “Greensboro Pediatricians- Dr. Clark!” –Nadia S.
  • “Greensboro Peds. I love Dr. Cummings.” –Jennifer S.
  • "We are gso peds also (Dr. Okelley), who we adore. If it weren't for him, our NICU baby wouldn't have survived. He was quick to point out what he thought was going on when the NICU team stood there clueless” –Natalie T.
  • “We love Dr. Puzio at Greensboro Peds. My 8-yr-old daughter is a bit overweight, and similar to Paula's story, all that has been mentioned is to make sure she is getting 1 hr of active time per day. He's said she's above average but maintaining her growth curve as she gets older, so he's not concerned, and he has never said the word "overweight" in her presence.” –Heather K.
  • “Greensboro Pediatricians. I love Dr. Tucker” –Brenda G.
  • “Greensboro peds- Dr. Twiselton” –Lisa P.
  • "Cornerstone @ Premier- Dr Anderson" - Eleanor T.
  • “Cornerstone Peds High Point off Wendover. Dr. Anderson and Dr. Culler!!! smile emoticon” –Ebony M.
  • “Cornerstone peds at premier” –Candice F.
  • “Dr. Dial (female) at Cornerstone peds.” –Becky T.
  • “Huge fans of Dr Dial! Most of the Drs at cornerstone Peds at premier are great.” –Megan M.
  • “Cornerstone Peds Dr. Durham (female) Internal medicine at cornerstone Elizabeth Todd for family medicine.” –Shelby E.
  • “Dr Hudson at Cornerstone peds is great, too.” –Sally G.
High Point Pediatrics
  • “Dr Jedlica at High Point pediatrics is wonderful” –Emily P.
  • “I second Dr. Jedlica!” –Heather M.
  • “Dr. Jedlica, Dr. Dillard and Dr. Becky at High Point are AMAZING! I never feel rushed, they don't laugh at my crazy questions and I feel like my son is important there (not just a number).” –Denise G.
Northwest Pediatrics
  • “we love Northwest Pediatrics” –Shaune D.
  • “Northwest pediatric is who we use. There great and accept Medicaid” –Tamara G.
  • "Dr. Dees - NW Pediatrics" - Tori M.
  • “We LOVE Northwest Pediatrics! We see Dr. Dees but have seen other Dr's there for sick visits and had a great experience all around! heart emoticon” –SarahJane P.
  • "Dr. Lentz Northwest Ped....love him!" - Heather K.
  • “Another vote for NW Peds” –Denise J.


Cornerstone Behavioral Health
  • “We went to Cornerstone too. Dr Powell tested my son and was amazing.” –Mary C.
  • “My kids see Dr. Gagne at Cornerstone, but it is nearly impossible to get an after-school appointment. Mia sees her for anxiety, and Max sees her for ADHD.” –Kendra S.
Family Solutions
  • “Family solutions downtown.” –Alyson C.
Dr. Goff (child psychologist)
  • “DS sees Dr Goff and really likes him. He specializes in anxiety but treats all issues.” –Jamie G.
  • “We love Dr Goff” –Toni P.
  • “You can try Andy Goff. He's a child psychologist...we refer a lot of our patients to him and haven't heard any complaints from them about him” –Anum H.
Dr. Kaur
  • “Dr. Kaur is awesome and very educated. She is off green valley rd.” –Tabitha H.
Dr. McKinney (Psychiatric Practitioners)
  • “Dr. Parish Mckinney and the two NP's she has on staff” –Sabre S.
  • “Dr Parish McKinney is great.” –Denise C.
  • “Dr. Parish McKinney in Greensboro is absolutely wonderful! She is a psychologist and has at least 3 psychiatrists working in her building that she works with.” –Carey R.
  • “Dr. Parish McKinney and her nurse practitioners are great. They are attentive and prompt.” –Kendra S.
Tree of Life Counseling
  • “Tree of Life Counseling” –Stacey L.
  • “I'd second Shana Cole at Tree of Life Counseling in greensboro. She's great!” –Jessie V.
Triad Psychiatric Services
  • “Worth the drive to greensboro... Triad Psychiatric services. Ask for Jo Hughes as the psychiatrist. She can suggest a psychologist in that building and keep trying until you guys find the right match.” –Neena M.

Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy

  • “We never did speech but used CATS for OT for over 4 years. We loved our therapist and office staff.” –Crystal W.
  • “My son got OT through CATS when he was younger. We really liked them.” –Sabre S.
  • “my son goes there now for OT. Having a great experience” –Nisha C.
Cheshire Speech and Voice Center
  • “We had an evaluation at the outpatient occupational therapy place across from Moses Cone hospital (I think it was on N. Church Street), and the therapist we worked with was really nice. She was very patient with my 22 month old. We didn't end up needing to be seen regularly, so I can't attest to the actual therapy and program, but from what I did see I would go back if needed.” –Kelly D.
Cone Health Outpatient Rehabilitation Therapy
  • “My son went to Cone Health Outpatient Rehabilitation Therapy for speech therapy. The therapist we saw was amazing, even going so far as giving my daughter something to do when we were there. Office staff was terrific also. ” –Heather S.
  • “We also went to Cone Outpatient for speech which was near the hospital but not Cheshire. We did use Cheshire for CBRS and we really liked our therapist.” –Crystal W.


Dr. Dahlstadt
  • “Dr dahlstadt by Wesley long hospital....he is amazing. Not only knowledgeable but actually cares about his patients” –Kristi H.
Dr. Grapey (with Alliance Urology)
  • “My husband also sees dr Grapey for testicular cancer and loves him” –Angela C.
  • “Alliance urology is only ones in gboro area. I love Dr grapey have seen him for years..very professional but never in a hurry he listens yo the patient. His PA is great too..can't remember her name right now.” –Vonda W.
Dr. MacDairmid (with Alliance Urology)
  • “Alliance Urology on N. Elam: Dr. MacDairmid” –Tara W.
Dr. Manny (with Alliance Urology)
  • “My husband really liked Dr. Manny at Alliance Urology-- he's younger but very sharp and taking new patients.” –Shannon A.


  1. Dr Preston Lentz at NW Pediatrics is unbelievable and wonderful with my 3 girls!!!

  2. Dr John McComb. At physicians for Women off Green Valley takes time with you and answer any questions or concerns you have.


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