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Best of Greensboro - Schools

Charter Schools

Cornerstone Charter Academy
  • "I am nominating Cornerstone Charter Academy because it has gone beyond my expectations this year. This is the first year that is has been opened. My 2 kids have already learned an amazing amount. The staff, teachers, board, and parents work so hard to make this school a success. The kids have high standards that they are expected to work up to." - Tori M.
  • "We moved our 4 th grader to the new Cornerstone Charter Academy. We couldn't be more happy! Hoping to have our 7 th grader there next year." - Jillian R.
  • “Found the teachers much more responsive to the needs of my oldest. She has a few learning disabilities and cornerstone acted very quickly to help…Also people are far more welcoming at cornerstone. The kids are nicer.” –Crystal R.
  • “we all love Cornerstone soo much. “ –Stacilyn B.
  • “We love Cornerstone Charter Academy. Academics are rigorous and parent involvement is very important. They incorporate character education as well. Best of all, it's free!” –Ashley C.
Greensboro Academy
  • "I have a 5yr old starting kindergarten in the fall, so I've been searching High and Low! Greensboro Academy is a great charter school" - Devyn G.
  • “I loved the "family" environment of Greensboro” –Heather C.
Phoenix Academy
  • "Phoenix Academy for both!" - Cindy O.
Piedmont Classical High School
  • “If your kids are going into 9th or 10th grades Piedmont Classical High School still has openings.” –Mary S.
Triad Math and Science Academy
  • "My school, Triad Math and Science Academy!" - Devyn C. 
  • “We're really happy with it for the most part. Just minor issues, and I think you probably deal with minor issues at any school. She has had wonderful teachers and has been getting a great education.” –Heather K.

Guilford County Public Schools 

NOTE: Guilford County has an incredible Magnet and Choice Schools program for all levels of education. Many schools are magnets and districted schools. Learn more:  http://www.gcsnc.com/pages/gcsnc/Departments/magnet

GCS - Pre-K

GCS - Elementary Schools

Alderman Elementary
  • "Alderman Elementary" - Heather W. 
Brooks Global Studies Magnet School
  • "My daughter is at Brooks Global Studies Magnet School and we love it there! It is academically challenging and my daughter is thriving." - Becky L.
Claxton Elementary
  • "Claxton Elementary" - Cristi S. 
General Greene Elementary
  • “we love general greene elementary!” –Rhiannon M.
  • “General Greene Elementary is really good” –Sonya L.
Hunter Elementary
  • "Hunter Elementary" - Tara E.
Irving Park Elementary
  • “Your elementary school is Irving Park, which has lots of diversity and a thriving PTA.” –Melissa T.
  • “My kids are very happy with Irving Park Elementary School.“ –Liz K.
  • “Irving Park Elementary it is one of the best public schools in town.” –Megan M.
Jefferson Elementary
  • "Jefferson Elementary!" - Kendra S. 
  • "jefferson" - Teri P. 
Jesse Wharton Elementary
  • "Jesse Wharton is a fantastic elementary school! My son consistently works above grade level and he is still challenged and enjoys school. The PTA sponsors many activities to support the students and the staff. The teachers are innovative and administration works with parents and staff to do what's best for kids." - Yorel L.
Jones Spanish Immersion Elementary
  • "Jones elementary is awesome!" - Corinne A.
  • “Lots and lots of NIP families gm go to Jones Spanish Immersion, which is a magnet. It's our school and we love it. “ –Melissa T.
  • "Jones Spanish Immersion" - Heather W. 
Joyner Elementary
  • "We actually switched our son from a charter school in 1st grade to our local neighborhood school Joyner Elementary and couldn't be happier! Never underestimate the neighborhood school!" - Sara Beth S. 
Millis Road
  • "Millis Road!" - Jules J. 
Morehead Elementary School
  • “Morehead is A-Mazing!” –Cathy W.
  • “Northern Elementary and Middle School.” –Toni P.
  • “Northern Guilford is the best. Growing area, in the country , lots of new developments out there” –Adele R.
Pearce Elementary
  • “Northwest definitely....pearce for elementary.” –Amy R.
  • “We moved here last year and are in the Pearce elm. district and love it so far.” –Leah S.
  • "Peeler Open school for the Performing Arts" - Jackie W. 
  • “Peeler I think is great! Most autistic children do well with the music and art there.” –Angel M.
Pilot Elementary
  • "Pilot Elementary" - Stephanie B. 
  • "Pilot Elementary" - Connie L. 
  • “we really like pilot; have had no problems, kids performing well academically, teachers and staff easy to communicate with.” –Heather C.
Summerfield Elementary
  • “I love Summerfield Elementary!!! All four kids have had a great experience! Very well prepared for middle and high school after elementary.” –Wendy M.

GCS - Middle Schools

Kernodle Middle School
  • “I have one daughter in Kernodle middle, other daughter in Northwest HS, we have had great experiences so far, they are very involved, we participate inarching band at HS & my girls are loving it” –Denise C.
  • “We have had a great experience with Kernodle, I find the teachers are great with communicating with the parents, I have had no problems with either the school or the teachers & this is now the 5 th straight year dealing with them, as my older left there and is NWHS.” –Denise C.
  • “Northern Elementary and Middle School.” –Toni P.
  • “Northern HS and Middle have been great for my kids. My oldest has had some really caring teachers.” –Jessica L.

GCS - High Schools

  • “Grimsley I believe used to be a top 100 school (at least when we bought 7 yrs ago). The kids there go to some really good colleges (including Ivys like U Penn).” –Rebecca G.
  • “I have one daughter in Kernodle middle, other daughter in Northwest HS, we have had great experiences so far, they are very involved, we participate inarching band at HS & my girls are loving I” –Denise C.
  • “Northern Guilford High. High school is state fball champs” –Anna B.
  • “Northern HS and Middle have been great for my kids. My oldest has had some really caring teachers.” –Jessica L.

GCS - Early and Middle College
  • “Early and Middle College schools are magnets and require applications. Weaver is a vocational and performing arts magnet. Students have to apply to Weaver as well. Some kids attend their home school for half the day, then Weaver in the afternoon.” –Lindsay G.
  • “2 high schools made us news & world report top 100 out of 29 thousand +... Weaver & Guilford early college or middle college... Both require applications currently I think...” –Carol J.

Private Schools
Canterbury School

  • "I would like to enthusiastically nominate Canterbury School. Last year our son thrived in the newly established Canterbury Pre-k Program and is fully prepared and excited for kindergarten. Our other son had an incredible year in kindergarten where he was challenged, encouraged, supported and celebrated. He loved it! The teachers are amazing and easily accessible and the entire school community is so welcoming and nurturing. I know my family will continue to thrive and grow at Canterbury and can't wait for all that is in store in the Middle School." - Meghan D.
Greensboro Montessori School
  • "The Greensboro Montessori School. Expect More Get Montessori! We love it! My 3 children are thriving and love to go to school everyday." - Jessica S. 
Our Lady of Grace Catholic School
  • “Our Lady of Grace Catholic School. And you don't have to be Catholic to attend. They are an amazing, accepting and generous group of people. When we moved here a year ago, the families lovingly accepted us and made my 7th and 5th graders feel at home. Love this school. “ –Jennifer T.

Tips for Starting School

  • "My son is starting K this year we live in kernersville, I have a soon to be 4th grader, what I have learned is do go and buy everything on school list as each teacher will ask for there own things and have there own wish lists, the must haves for K are bookbag and lunch box, start working with your kids now with there lunch boxes, so they can get the hang of opening there own things and throwing the stuff away, and also may want to set a timer for 20 mins so they realize that is how long it takes to eat. Hype it up for the new school, how cool it will be, drive by the school and keep saying this is big kid school and I am so proud of you for going to big kid school. If you have any concerns for your child, allergies, behavior it is best to email the teacher once you get the asignment or call her so you dont have to speak to your child in front of them, also if they have a allergy you may want to call the school and ask for a 504 plan to be written up" - Michelle F.
  • “Consistency is the key. Start a schedule now, don't wait until school starts. As hard as it is going to be, drop off and leave don't hang around (it makes it harder for the child to disconnect and adjust, reassure them that the teacher is going to take care of them and leave). My kids in 5th and 7th, I learned the hard way. Also prepare as much as you can, fix clothes for the week, lunch at night and pack backpacks at night, try to do quick meals....that way you can spend more time with your child." - Yolana S.

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