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Best of Greensboro - Pets

Please join our Facebook Group to ask questions and discuss your pets! https://www.facebook.com/groups/GSOFamiliesPets/

Dog Daycare
  • Best Friends Bed & Biscuit
    • “We love best friend bed and biscuit. They have taken such good care of our pets in the past. We also really love Dog Days!” –Ashley C.
    • “I second best friend bed and biscuit! They're great” –Charae T.
    • “Best friends bed n biscuit, not all about the frills but they are big on actually spending time with the animals . I know staff members there and they are fantastic .” –Kelley J.
  • Camp Bow Wow
    • “Camp Bow Wow! Camper cams and they get to play ALL DAY LONG. Some places keep them kenneled up and you have to pay for them to play. I think they also get a Kong peanut butter thing at night. My dog LOVES it and we do too!” –Becky T.
  • Dog Days
    • “We love Dog Days-- it's very convenient for us, and I like that daycare is included in your boarding costs.” –Melissa T.
    • “dog Days” –Melissa E.
    • “Dog Days in Greensboro. These folks love their fur babies.” –Sherry V.
    • “Dog Days!! They are so nice and our dog who hates leaving us never has any problems!” –Shannon A.
    • “I love Dog Days! My pup always has a great time.” –Jeanine M.
    • “Dog days... the pups get alot of attention and they even have TV in their rooms where they sleep..like a lil hotel for ya furbaby” –Vonda W.
  • Ruff Housing
    • “Ruff Housing! Clean, they go outside frequently and my dog loves doggie daycare there! If your dog likes water they even have a splash pad. They play with dog their own size also” –Kristin T.
    • “We go to ruff housing also and love it!!!” –Becky T.

Dog Groomer
  • All Pets Considered
    • “All pets considered is amazing, on battleground” –Devyn G.
    • “All Pets is fab!” –Rachel M.
    • “Nicole @ all pets considered. Not mobile but she does a great job!” -Marianne H.
    • “All Pets Considered on Battleground at Cone Blvd...very reasonable and a lot of folks are very happy customers!” –Brenda D.
  • Animals Grooming
    • “If you don't mind making a drive to High Point, we would be glad to groom your dog at Animals Grooming. We offer quality work at affordable prices, and we have a FB page, where you can view photos of our work. Give us a call to set up an appointment at 336-869-0032” –Rachel B.
  • Dog Days
    • “We Love dog days on battleground. They do a great job” –Rebecca S.
  • Downtown Hounds
    • “We go to Downtown Hounds - they are downtown near VF. 274-2486. reasonable and you can leave your dog there all day in doggie day care and then pick up after work.” –Michelle G.
  • Groomz To Go (Mobile Groomer)
    • “We use groomz to go mobile pet service and love that he comes to us. Todd is wonderful” –Rebekah D.
  • Lisa’s Doggone Grooming
    • “Ruff housing on mill st off battleground and Lisa's doggone grooming on merritt dr. Are both good.” –Alycia B.
  • Petsense
    • “Linda in Petsense she's great” –Bennely C.
  • Ruff Housing
    • “Ruff housing on mill st off battleground and Lisa's doggone grooming on merritt dr. Are both good” –Alycia B.
  • Scrubby Doo (Mobile Groomer)
    • “Scrubby Doo...he's a mobile groomer.” –Heather M.
  • Thrive Pet Services
    • "My friend Kelly at Thrive Pet services” –Stacilyn B.
  • Vicki’s Pampered Pets
    • “Vicki's pampered Pets on W. Friendly” –Gina R.
  • Wiggles and Wags
    • “Wiggles and wags...close to uncg.” –Tori M.

Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers
  • Rhonda Triad Pet Sitter
    • "Rhonda is without a doubt the best to care for your pets.  From the moment I met her I was relaxed and comfortable knowing she would take good care of our dogs.  It can be difficult to let a stranger into your personal home without you being there, and with Rhonda I had no worries.  She sends us daily updates on our pets to let us know how their doing, and the best part is that our pets love seeing her daily!  She has a back-up plan for when she is out of town or unavailable.  I recommend her to every and anyone looking for someone to care for their pets at home -  we love Rhonda! Rhonda can be reached at 336-662-5669 or visit her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/RhondaTriadPetSitter"- Jessica S.
    • "We first met Rhonda when we were in need of a pet sitter for our senior dog with medical needs. It gave us peace of mind to know she was with our pet when we couldn't be. They quickly became friends and Rhonda quickly became a member of our family. So, when we were in need of a daily pet sitter for our new puppy she was the logical choice. Rhonda is a professional with heart!" - Debi G.
  • Thrive Pet Care Services
    • “Our pet sitter is great! She is in NW GSO area. She used to work at a vet office and also is a groomer. Her name is Kelly. Her number is 336-202-6300.” –Nisha C.

Rescues and Shelters
  • Animal Rescue and Foster Program
    • “Try Animal Rescue & Foster Program they only take kittens and puppies” –Emily C.
    • “Try Red Dog Farm or Animal Rescue & Foster Program (ARFP). “ –Becky T.
  • Nature’s Haven Wildlife Rescue
    • “My page on Facebook is Nature's Haven Wildlife Rescue. I post lots of pics and plenty of education about wildlife. I mainly do fawns, but I will help out with the overflow of smaller mammals and specialty wildlife.” –Stacilyn B.
  • Red Dog Farm
    • “Try Red Dog Farm or Animal Rescue & Foster Program (ARFP). “ –Becky T.
    • “Both Red Dog Farm and SPCA of the Triad are no-kill shelters.” –Heather C.
  • Ruff Love Rescue
    • “If they have the foster space they will always help.” –Amanda H.
  • Sheets Pet Clinic
    • “Sheets Pet Clinic? They do a kitty rescue in house at their clinic.” –Dawn D.
  • SPCA of the Triad
    • “Both Red Dog Farm and SPCA of the Triad are no-kill shelters.” –Heather C.

  • Cobb Animal Clinic
    • "We have two dogs,one with special needs (he's got epilepsy) and love our vet, Dr. Nunemacher, at Cobb Animal Clinic. WE switched to her when he was diagnosed. Highly recommend her and the practice." - Carly H. 
  • Friendly Animal Clinic 
    • "Friendly Animal Clinic in GSO" - Becky T.
    • "I too use the Friendly Animal Clinic but I don't think that it's going to be any different in terms of price than the others." - Theresa S.
  • Northwest Animal Hospital
    • "Love Northwest Animal Hospital in Oak Ridge. The vet there takes wonderful care of our animals. I do not know how her prices compare to others. She has gone above & beyond for us numerous times." - Jessica H.
  • Piedmont Communities Spay/Neuter and Wellness Clinic
    • "If you're looking for a low cost vet for your annual vaccines, heartworm prevention, and flea/tick medicine you should check out the Piedmont Communities Spay/Neuter and Wellness Clinic on church street!!! Super affordable and great physician!" - Jaime B.
  • Petsmart
    • "Bandied at petsmart" - Heather G.
  • University Animal Hospital
    • "University Animal Hospital on Aycock & Friendly is pretty great" - Atiba B.

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