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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Date Night in Greensboro

I am always open to trying new places, especially locally owned and operated businesses. I had a Living Social voucher for Bloody Mary's, a relatively new oyster bar and grill downtown. My friend and I weren't starving, so we settled on a half peck of steamed oysters and a few drinks. The oysters were delicious, and the restaurant atmosphere was nice. The waitstaff could use some training (she didn't know the drink specials or prices, wasn't sure about the beers, and didn't know the prices for the oysters which are listed as Market Value on the menu), but other than that we thoroughly enjoyed the drinks and oysters. In the end, for four drinks and the oysters, our bill was only $2 after the $36 voucher was applied! Granted, we already spent $18 on the voucher, but for a night out - not bad! Next time we'll have to try a bloody mary to drink - someone else ordered one while we were there and it looked amazing!

After dinner, we headed to Yo Daddy for dessert and another drink. For almost $20, we got a small cup of yogurt with a few toppings, a cupcake, and two beers. Yikes. The yogurt was yummy (mixed Waffle Cone with Cookies and Cream), and the cupcake was ok (Peanut Butter Cup) but nothing fantastic. The cake part of the cupcake was maybe enough for one bite; it had a peanut butter filling and about two inches of frosting on top. They do have some good craft beers available, and an average wine selection, but overall it was overpriced and it wasn't anything spectacular - there are better dessert options in Greensboro, in my opinion. However, they do have a really neat "Bubble Room" in the back, that can be reserved for parties and such. The staff member we spoke to said there is no fee to reserve the room, so that is a good option for small gatherings (maybe 20-25 people).

In the end, we supported two new local businesses which makes it all worthwhile - shopping local and spending local is important!

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