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Thursday, July 24, 2014

UNCG Memory Development Lab and DUCK Lab recruiting parents and children

The Memory Development Lab at UNCG collaborates with the DUCK (Development and Understanding of Children's Knowledge) Lab, another developmental lab at UNCG, to create potential opportunities for recruitment. They are a non-profit research center dedicated to the study of children’s social and cognitive development, located in the Eberhart Building at University of North Carolina Greensboro.

Our research provides insight about children’s skill and strategy development that informs educational curricula and interventions. Our studies investigate how young children develop control over their thoughts and behavior. This skill enables them to understand concepts at a deeper level and to act appropriately in many contexts. For example, we are interested in how children decide if a person is good or bad, or whether children benefit from talking to themselves.

We are also interested in how children of different ages learn about past events. To do so, we might ask children to study pictures on a computer screen, or participate in staged events in the research center. We then ask children questions about the events they experienced. We might also ask families and children to visit a local museum and take photographs. We then ask children about the events they experienced at the museum using their photographs. All of our studies involve fun games that children 
typically enjoy.

Participants in our studies are volunteers in the Greensboro community who generously offer their 

time to help us run our studies. We greatly appreciate the support that we have received from each and every parent and child in the Greensboro community!

Parents and their children are very important for their research to be successful. The studies investigate how young children develop control over their thoughts and behavior, and how children of different ages remember past events. The studies are designed to be similar to games and try to provide us insight in social and cognitive development.

From the brochure:
A typical visit to the center will begin with one of the researchers greeting you at the parking lot across from the Eberhart Building on Walker Avenue (just past Tate Street). We will have a complimentary parking pass for you. A quick elevator ride to the fifth floor will take us to the center, where we have a fun waiting room for you to relax in while your child (and their siblings) play.

During a typical session, your child will be asked to participate in short games with the researcher, such as playing with a new toy, following instructions to complete a task, or answering questions about different scenarios.

The sessions include breaks and are designed to be fun for your child. They are typically 20-45 minutes long. At the very end, your child will be given a prize as a token of our appreciation!

If you would like to be contacted about specific studies or to learn more please visit:
uncg.edu/~mdlab/signup - You can decide if you would like to participate once we contact you with more information.

In case you want more information, both labs have websites: http://www.uncg.edu/~mdlab and http://www.uncg.edu/~s_marcov/

If I sign up to participate, can I still say no based on my availability?
Of course! If you give us your information, we will contact you about specific studies. You can always let us know that you are busy and we will try again in the future when you are available.

Will I be compensated?
Your child will receive a snack and a small prize (e.g., toy; book) in all of our studies. A few of our studies offer monetary compensation.

Will I have to pay for parking?
No, a researcher will greet you once you arrive and you will be given a parking spot and a free parking pass near the building.

How long are the studies?
When we schedule the appointment, we will let you know how long the study will be. Studies can last between 20 to 90 minutes.

Why should I do this?
Your participation helps not only further knowledge of children's social and cognitive development, but also helps graduate and undergraduate students earn their degrees.

Do you do assessment?
We study group patterns in development but we do not diagnose or assess individual children.

What if I cannot come in during regular hours?
We will plan our schedule around yours. We can set up appointments in the evenings and on weekends.

What if we come to the center and my child doesn’t want to play?
We want this to be a FUN experience! Participation is always voluntary and if your child is not in the mood to play with us, we will follow his or her lead and end the session. Your child will get a prize regardless of whether he or she completes our tasks.

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