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Sunday, May 11, 2014

A magical Frozen birthday party with Anna and Elsa

My youngest daughter turns 4 this month, and we had her birthday party celebration yesterday, May 10, 2014. The plan was to have all of our friends join us for a cookout in the backyard, with an extra special surprise appearance by Princess Anna and Queen Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen. The massive downpour right at the start of the party foiled our cookout plans, and we ended up with about 50 people inside our house for the party. It was crowded, but still a lot of fun!

Birthday Girl Lorelei with Princess Anna and Queen Elsa

I found Tale As Old As Time Parties through a friend on Facebook. Gotta love social media! It's two high school girls who dress up as Disney princesses and come to your child's birthday party (or whatever party) and do kiddie makeup, story time, temporary tattoos, photo ops, and autographs. I have to say, it is a completely brilliant business idea and I'm a little envious that two high schoolers thought of it. You can see the girls in their characters here on their website http://www.taleasoldastimeparties.com/#!page3/cee5 and you can definitely tell they are dedicated to this business.

Makeup for the birthday girl

Makeup for the birthday girl

My girls are currently obsessed with the movie Frozen, so Anna and Elsa were the natural choice for our party. I kept their appearance a surprise from the kids, and Anna and Elsa apparently have cell phones because they called me from down the street when they arrived to let me know they were on their way to the party. The price was incredibly reasonable for 1.5 hours and the characters were great at fielding all of the questions a room full of kids can throw at them about every.single.aspect. of the entire movie. The princess and the queen applied makeup to the kids, and helped sing Happy Birthday to my daughter. While the kids (and adults) were eating cake, Anna and Elsa read a story to the kids, and then it was time for temporary tattoos, autographs, and pictures.

A goofy picture with Princess Anna and Queen Elsa

I am so impressed with Tale As Old As Time Parties. Their costumes were phenomenal, and they stayed in character from the time they walked up to the house until after they left. Even their mannerisms, postures, and the way they spoke matched the movie characters. My girls not only believe that Anna and Elsa were here, at our house, to celebrate Lorelei's birthday party...they also believe that I am the absolute coolest and best mom EVER because I knew how to get Anna and Elsa here.

Story time with Anna and Elsa 

Basically, this was THE best birthday party, and Tale As Old As Time Parties made all the difference.

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