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Sunday, March 31, 2013

GSOFamilies Egg Hunt

Just wanted to give a quick THANK YOU to all of the families who attended the first GSOFamilies Egg Hunt!

We started with a Welcome Table, complete with sign-in sheet and a place to drop the filled eggs for the hunt, as well as the non-perishable food donations. The kids were able to play in the front yard with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and participate in a PEEPS toss by tossing the marshmallow chicks into a bucket. During the time, the "helpers" hid the eggs in the back yard.

The kids had a few rules for the egg hunt - the eggs were all outside (not in the storage building or in the house), to help out the younger kids so that everyone could find a 12 eggs, and to search for a giant gold egg for a special prize. The final and most important rule? To have FUN!

I am so happy to say that the kids all did great. No horror stories of kids being trampled or not finding any eggs here :) We had 11 families in attendance, and about 40 people total. We collected 35 food items for donation to a local food pantry, and overall it was a great time.

If you want to see photos - check out our facebook album: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.591212960890865.1073741826.426686060676890&type=1&l=9063ebe43f

Look for more fun activities in the future!

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