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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jump! Art for Kids

Today, I took my 3 year old and her friend to Jump! Art for Kids for - you guessed it - an art class. Let me just tell you, this place was incredible! We started with some free sensory play with play-dough while waiting for the group to assemble. Then a story was read to the kids - Pete the Cat, Rocking in my School Shoes. All of the activities for the class were based around this cute story about a cat who wears his special rockin' shoes to school to eat lunch, visit the library, ride the bus, and play his guitar while singing his song. Different stations were set up around the classroom, so the kids could spread out and focus on a different craft with different materials at each table.

One project was to make a guitar like Pete's out of cardboard and decorate with paint, glue on some strings, and assemble the neck of the guitar to the body. Another station allowed the kids to draw and glue construction paper onto a cardboard school bus, just like the one Pete rides in the story. At a different station, the kids traced and cut out Pete's lunch, and glued it to a paper plate. The final station was for kids to draw Pete the Cat at school, and glue on his accessories - ears, shoes, and a guitar. In addition to the four stations focused on projects based on the story, two other stations were available the entire time - a free paint station, and a play-dough station.

The kids were able to move at their own pace, and with so many different stations, it never felt crowded or rushed. Jump! specifically mentions that their classes are for kids of different ages - so it can be something fun for your family to participate in together. Sure, different ages of kids can perform at different levels, but the great thing about Jump! is that the kids can make it as detailed and intricate as they wish, and all age levels (18 months - 10 years old) can participate.

The classes are affordable, and registration is open - just check out the Jump! Art for Kids website at http://jumpartforkids.com/. The owner and instructor, Lauren, and her husband Charles, are wonderful with the kids and really put a lot of fun and effort into making these classes special. They also focus on recycling and reusing materials, so if you happen to have cardboard, egg cartons, paper, glue, crayons, markers, or anything else that could possibly be used in an art studio for kids, let them know! Please tell them you heard about Jump! from Becky at GSOFamilies!

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