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Monday, June 10, 2013

Dye Nation - Parties 2 Dye 4 and Big Bang Boom

We finally had an opportunity to check out Dye Nation - Parties 2 Dye 4 for the first time yesterday. I've seen their booth at various festivals around town over the past few years, but it has always been packed with people, and well, I'm impatient and have young impatient kids, so we've never had a chance to see what it's all about.

I won a giveaway on Facebook for a free tie-dye shirt last week (heck yeah! I never win anything!) and it just so happened that the store was hosting it's 5th annual Summer Bash this past weekend, with Big Bang Boom playing, who just happens to be the requested music of the moment by my children. The band is awesome - their music is actually still tolerable even after listening to it for hours on end, day after day after day, and very catchy!

The tie-dye process is very well organized and my 3-year-old and her friend each had someone helping them directly. They donned a plastic poncho to protect their clothes and gloves for their hands. Their white clothing was prepped and wrapped with rubber bands to create the pattern they chose. Then their helper assisted with squirting the dye from a squeeze bottle into the proper areas of the white clothing. The kids were able to choose their colors from about 25 different options (they loved having that freedom) and were guided through the entire process. The dyed clothing came home with instructions on how to launder to set the dye. Very easy, and super fun for the kids to be able to go through the process themselves!

At the end of the afternoon, the kids each tie-dyed a sundress and rocked out to Big Bang Boom (translate: they twirled in circles until they collapsed from dizziness and laughter). They came home with balloon flowers, face paint, and happy smiles. Dye Nation - Parties 2 Dye 4 did an amazing job putting together the afternoon bash and the kids had a blast. Super extra thanks to Big Bang Boom for putting on an awesome show.

My very uncooperative photo subjects :)

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