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Monday, November 25, 2013

We're adopting!

I've committed GSOFamilies to adopt a family for the holidays. All of the money GSOFamilies is raising from the GSOFamilies Small Business Bazaar and GSOFamilies Online Holiday Fair will be used to purchase new items for the family.

The family we have been assigned consists of a Mom, Dad, and 4 children - all girls, ages 13, 9, 7 and 4. The mom is also pregnant and due with a baby boy in March. The family was living in public housing, which was condemned last week. The Greensboro Housing Coalition is in the process of helping the family find housing, but they've been hit hard and need help with everything. See the wish list below.


  • Look over the wish list below, and purchase items for the family. Please email gsofamilies@gmail.com to coordinate a drop off/pick up of items.
  • Contribute money to help assist GSOFamilies in purchasing new items for the family. PayPal and Amazon Payments information are below at the bottom of the webpage.
  • Look through your old items. The family is happy to take pre-loved items! Especially for the new baby due in March!
  • Purchase food or a grocery gift card for the family. Email gsofamilies@gmail.com to arrange drop off/pick up.
  • SHARE this information! 
  • Shop at the GSOFamilies Small Business Bazaar on Saturday, 11/30 between 10 am and 4 pm (click the link for details). Invite your friends!
  • Participate in the GSOFamilies Online Holiday Fair between now and December 16! Click the link to join the event. Share with your friends!

If you have items to donate/contribute, please email gsofamilies@gmail.com to arrange a pickup of items. If you'd like to contribute money, that would be great! If you go to http://www.gsofamilies.com and scroll towards the bottom of the page, there are several options for online monetary donations or you can send PayPal to gsofamilies@gmail.com with a note that it is for the adopted family. To send a check/money order/cash, please email gsofamilies@gmail.com for the address or I can meet up with you in Greensboro.

I will set up a group shopping date in mid-December if anyone wants to help me shop for the family! 

As of 11/25/13, we've raised $191.52 for the family! THANK YOU!

  • Mother
    • Clothing:
      • Top: Medium
      • Pants: 7-8
      • Shoes: 7.5
  • Father:
    • Clothing:
      • Top: Large
      • Pants:36 x 30
      • Shoes: 10
  • Child: 13 yr old female
    • Clothing:
      • Tops: Size Small
      • Pants: Size 3
      • Shoes: 7
    • Toys: Something to listen to music with 
  • Child: 9 yr old female
    • Clothing: Size 10-11
    • Shoes: 5
    • Toys: Barbies, electronic games, books to read
  • Child: 7 yr old female
    • Clothing: Size 8
    • Shoes: 2
    • Toys: Barbies
  • Child: 4 yr old female
    • Clothing: 5-6
    • Shoes: 11
    • Toys: Barbies and Dora the Explorer
  • Child: Baby Boy (due in March)
    • Needs anything and everything for baby, has nothing.
    • Furniture, clothes, diapers, bottles, car seat, etc. Pre-loved is OK!
  • The family will gladly accept food donations and/or grocery cards as well!
  • They also do not have a microwave and would love to have one!
Let's help this family have a wonderful, memorable holiday this year!

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